Should i emblem Proteus?


And if you get a second, AGAIN: YES!

YES! even if we have Hel, because Proteus can use both in event Epic and Legendary stages.

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One of the 2 or 3 (depending who you ask) best 4* heroes in the game.

YES! I’m doing a second after a Kiril.


Best to go defense/health as his special is all about the mana block. The DOT is a bonus, but survivability is best IMO.


Darn straight you should! Go the full 20 nodes and go the defense and health route.


Tier 19 is the best tier of his whole tree. It turns a lvl17 mana troop to lvl23. He will charge in 9 tiles. 3 matches of 3. Just like a fast hero.


Hell yes, and I’m just about to finish a second for war, I’ll take the first one all the way to the top.

Totally agree. But I have 3 holy mana troops and zero of any other type of mana troop. So it doesn’t fit to go 19 for now.


Yes. Yes. Yes. Mine is emblemed to +19 for HP and Def and holds his/her own in a purple stack with 5s. Absolutely as valuable as my 5s. (I stack him/her with Kunchen and Khiona).

Yes, emblem proteus. He’s a game changer for me.

I choose defense and health for proteus. I need his mana control and i want him stay alive a bit longer.

For one, I balanced the heroes I need the most. For wizard class, I went only def/HP for Proteus +9, Kiril +9 and the rest of the emblems for Isarnia (got an atk node too).

Proteus is the most effective and versatile mana control tool in the entire game. He is a hell of a lot easier to come by than his 5* alternative, Hel, and basically does the same thing as the dark celestial. Being able to compete in epic tier of the events and tourneys makes him even more useful than her. Assigning emblems to him an easy choice, deciding on the path, isn’t though… I’ve seen many players choosing the attack path, for some extra DOT… I don’t agree. Proteu’s main function isn’t to kill the enemy, you have snipers for that. His goal is to stop them from killing you with specials, and he excels at this. For this, I think he needs to have his survivability boosted, so, I’d say, go full defense and health path. Anyway, he already has a high innate attack state, enough to make the purple titan stack if needed.
Also, unless you have lvl.17 mana troops available for him, don’t bother taking him beyond +18. The costs outmatch the benefits and there are so many great wizards in need of emblems…


Gonna emblem mine when his finshed!

I’d argue he’s the best hero in the game. He’s the best mana controller, and is a 4*, so he’s useful more widely than a 5*.

If he’s not worth emblems, I have no idea who is.


Totally agree with Ian words. It’s not worth it putting emblems on his attack, he has to survive to cast his special as many times as possible.
It’s not his job to do direct damage.

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YES give him the emblems. I went defense with mine. I have 4 of him and Williams all of them at some point

Yes yes and yes.

More 20 yes characters

In this topic you can compare both paths, Attack or Defense :wink:


Here’s my Proteus with full attack emblems, i also have Guinevere as tank but i haven’t given her a single emblem.


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