Should I emblem Alexandrine, Grazul, or LB Myst?

I have some emblems spare but not quite enough to get to the maximum. I think using them on LB Myst would benefit me more as I am basically a F2P and am relying on LB 4* heroes.

What does the forum think?

I don’t have Alex, but I love my Grazul (and she is the next I will break after i got the red aethers this month)

I only have Alexandrine (LB +20) and I would definitely go with Grazul, without a doubt (that aliment block is very needed).

Mist is also great and I did use her a lot in my 5* teams until I got better holy 5* but Grazul is a no brained with these alternatives.

Alexandrine, while a pretty good healer she does nothing else (except for tile damage against titans). She is very situational and the only situations where she would be better than Grazul is against Bera (Alexandrine is basically inmortal against her) and maybe for removing big fiends.

I would go Grazul>Mist>Alexandrine

I think I would do Mist first as you can max her talents. But really depends who you use the most and if they are in any teams right now, I guess. Grazul is great, too and I don´t think you can go wrong there either. Alex isn´t bad depending on what other healers you use, but I think I would chose one of the others first.