Should I do this

Any advice on this would be helpful, not sure if I should use a 3 star to upgrade another 3 . In this case use brienne to upgrade belith so I been doing lately is grinding and working on leveling up heroes.

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Since you only have 11 heroes, I would not consider using any 3* or 4* to level others.

Once you get to 30 heroes, then you could consider it.


I agree. Always be thinking in terms of 30 heroes (for war), not just concentrating on your main team.

Every 3 star is valuable right now!


You most certainly should not. Especially with Brienne. I agree with what the others are saying but will add that Brienne is insanely powerful as a 3* and has the special of a 5* hero but with 3* stats. She is amazing.



  1. Until you have at least 30 heroes for war, don’t feed away any 3*
  2. Even after you have 30 heroes, Brienne is one you should keep and level.

So use 1 and 2 Stars so feeders and keep all 3 and above


For now, yes. Even with my team of 4 & 5 star heros, I’ve kept 1 of each 3* hero except the awful ones like Renfeld.


As everyone else has said, not only should you be keeping all 3* at this point — Brienne is a special 3* that you should max and keep forever. She can be incredibly useful even once you have lots of 4* heroes, as her attack boost is huge.

There are some people that advocate for 60 heroes for war, to allow for double-stacking on any tank color. Personally, I don’t know when I will completely max out 30 heroes much less 60, not to mention the roster space taken up.

At least save your heroes until you have 30.

After 30 3* or higher heroes are achieved, here are some guidelines IF YOU MUST eat heroes:

  • Eat only season 1 heroes that you have 3 of, and keep 2 of those.
  • Eat slow heroes, save fast heroes
  • Never eat 5* Heroes. Their unleveled states are better than some leveled 3*
  • Do not eat healers unless you have 12 or more. The idea is 2 healers per war team (should you choose, it gives you the option).

These are all just suggestions.

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And for another reason, don’t feed 3* with 3* unless their special is already at 8 ! 3* brings too much exp points compared on % spécial

I know you are anxious to level your Belith higher, but don’t feed away your 3* heros yet.