Should I Ascend?

I have Seshat, Kelile, Scarlett and Hu Tao. Seshat is a 5 Star, the rest 4 Star, assuming she is the best to ascend?

I have 3 Compass, 3 Fine Gloves and 4 Trap Tools, but that would clear me out of those and back to 0 and only take to her 3rd out of 5 ascension. The others, I could take to 4/4. I know the other characters need those too.

Thanks for the help. Matt…

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@mwolfe09 :slightly_smiling_face:

Focus on 3 and 4 stars first, since they are easier and cheaper to level. Only maxed heroes are able to have talents and talented 4 stars are almost as good as 5 stars.

3 star don’t even need unfarmable items to get maxed up and keep you competitive while slowly growing.

And don’t forget, that just dark heroes need trap tools, the other colors need other rare ascension items.


Definitely focus on 4s before 5s until you’ve developed some depth… and I know you get star struck by their glitz and glamor. But it really will be worth it. I vote Scarlett first.


Go for Seshat, the other characters don’t need trap tools.