Should I ascend Wu Kong or Guardian gazelle?

Hi everyone, I’ve been playing for about 11 months now and I only recently got WuKong. I have Wu at 3.60 and Guardian gazelle at 3. 70. From what I’ve read, some people are replacing Wu with Gazelle. My question is: Should I bother ascending Wu, or should I focus on Gazelle? I only have 4 orbs and I have 7 darts. I have 3 other yellow 5*s all at 1.1.

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Guardian Gazelle


In my honest opinion, you really do need to take both heroes to max.
You will need Wu Kong for your Titan battles.
But first I would focus on Guardian Gazelle if you have got all the mats to take her to 4/80. You won’t be disappointed.
Good luck

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Gazelle first.

You will get 2 orbs from the Sand Empire event if you have not finished those levels yet. There should be a $1.99 offer with an orb and gems during the event as well. We have had tools & shield so far, and usually we see all of them. That’s 3 of 4 for your Wu. The Challenge Event in 8 days might also provide one.

Depending on what level titans you fight, a 3/60 Wu might be fine for now. Wu is mainly a titan champ. Rarely ever use him anymore for wars, too much RNG.

Another option is to get Gazelle up to 4/50-60. Leveling slows down a lot at that point. Then switch to Wu and finish when you have the orbs.


I dont think he needs wuki at all now, I would focus on gazelle. She is the second best titan champ after Miki (maybe sharing the spot with tarlak) and I use purely her on all titans, wuki is retired. My overall scores are better with her.

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Agreed. If you got gazelle you don’t need WU.


Some maths & My opinion piece regarding the Titan Damage Boosters:

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Both. Wu is a must for events where you can’t use 5 stars



Depends on your roster.

The answer might be wait on both.


But if you want to spend your 4x orbs now.

I would level Wu Kong to 4* 4.70 first ( see notes )

3* / 4* ratio

As a general rule, titan loot tier 9+, and Platinum/ Diamond arena, drop 3x 3* ascension items for every 1x 4* ascension item ( see notes ).


Click for notes

See also

([Play style] No Remorse 4*/ 5* leveling)


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I’m surprised there are such mixed reviews here. Gazelle not only boosts attack without missing, she also makes your team immune to any status effects while taking only half dmg. She is awesome on offense and titans. Max her immediately. You can do Wu later for events that don’t allow 5*s. Mine has been retired for awhile.


Ascend both.

Wu always useful. On challenge event epic level, wu will speed up ur completing time

do Wu and Gazelles attack increase stack? worth bringing them both on a mono yellow titan team?

No, look at Gazelle’s first line. All buffs are removed and no other buffs can be applied.

You may not always have Gazelle up, so bringing Wu to switch back and forth is not a bad idea if you have no better options. Wu’s AP is still pretty high, higher than a few 5*.

Short answer is both, but Gazelle first. Gazelle will be on every raid you do + is huge on pve. I still use Wu on my titans, but will try out Gazelle on my teams where I don’t have an attack boost hero after reading this thread - but expect to be underwhelmed vs wu+bear banner. Purple Titans and Green I’ll still definitely use Wu because on purples the attack boost by gazelle is effectively reduced since Gazelle doesn’t buff herself and on Greens I’ve got BoldTusk and 48% attack on top of Wu is too much to give up just to avoid misses.

Thanks for all the input! I’m probably gonna wait for a bit. I will probably do Guardian gazelle first out of the 2 though…

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