Should I ascend Sif or Hanitra for my defense team?

My defense currently is:
Tibertus (left)
Costume Marjana (Red Defense Down)
Sif (not yet fully ascended)
Russel (right)

I don’t have a green because my best green option is a Caedmon or a Balbar (sucks), and neither felt better than anyone else currently sitting on my defense. I could also replace Tibertus with Chakkz, but I’m not a fan. So, I can see Hanitra’s use, but not sure if I should use my 6 darts on Sif or Hanitra. Any advice for me?

Poll for easy voting:

  • Sif
  • Hanitra

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Personally I’d suggest levelling heroes for all round usefulness, especially early in your roster development… Levelling heroes for defence specifically doesn’t make much sense seeing as defence is the only element of the game you personally don’t play…

You’re better off, and will get far more value, out of levelling heroes that help you in many different areas of the game.

In that vein my vote is for Sif. She does mana generation, reduced damage and counterattack.
Extremely useful in every aspect of the game.

Hanitra on the other hand only does something when taking damage from an enemy special skill.


Voted Sif as well for the same reasons @Guvnor already mentionned :+1:

Defense is overrated.

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Sif is awesome everywhere, she’ll serve you much better than Hanitra.

Sif for overall goal, you can use her everywhere

Thanks for all your input. I guess I’m maxing out Sif!

Now that we’ve faced Hanitra a bit more… would you guys still limit break Sif over Hanitra for a defense team? I can’t fix my mind. Thanks.

I would LB a joon if I were you, 100% not Sif or Hanitra… hero without attacking skill just missing so much when you buff their stats.

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I’ve already LB a C-Joon. Very useful offensively. Don’t regret it.
But for my def team, snipers seems out of fashion.

(and I don’t have any interesting yellow to LB. Choices would be N-Vivica, Devana, Sif or Hanitra)

I can’t seem to find a good use for Hanitra, to be honest. Doesn’t work well as a heal, low percentage dodge. Stats aren’t great.

Sif on the other hand has been very useful for me on defense in wars and raids (also on offense if I’m being honest). I don’t have Devana or Vivica so I can’t say about them. But between Hanitra and Sif, I’d take Sif.

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