Should I ascend Elena to 3?

This is my setup… I have no 4* Red.
I already have 4 hidden blade,so should I ascend her to 3?

I have also 4 rings… For the last ascension

I know it’s hard to get Ascensio items… That’s why I don’t want spend them on an useless hero

I have her on my bench because I have Ares. If I didn’t have Ares I probably would have invested in her. I like her and she can do crazy tile damage on titans and in events (and everywhere) so even though she may be quick to die she can still do a lot of damage.

Plus - a glass cannon with riposte means a ton of potential damage reflected. People don’t talk about that aspect enough. Basically, if she gets hit hard by a sniper then the chances are that sniper may flat out die as a result.

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I am going to do a x10 in the next event. I wait until this roll… Maybe I get a better red 5* or 4* who I can ascend to 4 and maximize him.

I vote yes, ascend after that 10x you are planning. Elena is a solid B. With Wu, her tile damage on titans will be inspiring, and she’s a perfectly reasonable center tank on defense. Facing AoE heroes, her Riposte will be devastating—good in events, wars, and raids.

Blades are not nearly as scarce as rings, so you should be fine taking Elena to 3/70. When you have 6 rings, you’ll have a better sense of whether Elena is the won you want to give them to.

If u vote Yes… Hehe


I love Elena…her riposte is great for getting enemies to commit suicide to. She is squishy enough at 4/80 though, let alone 3/70. If you are going to use her, commit to getting her to 4/80 so she doesn’t die super quick.

I agree to waiting until the Knights Event. Lancelot is a solid 4* red and isn’t that uncommon on a 10-pull. If nothing shows up I’d give Elena those blades.

Elena is worth both 3rd and 4th tier ascension items. Her Tile damage against titans and usefulness in events makes her more than worthwhile. I currently have her at Max 3rd on two accounts and she keeps getting bumped for ascension to 4th by better 5* or ones that I use for more things. I really would like to ascend her to 4th though.

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