Should HOTM benefit f2p/c2p more?

Because HoTMs is most easier non-S1 5* to get, should they give more benefit to f2p/c2p than to p2w?

I think event heroes should be p2w powerhouses, niche heroes which can hardly be beaten by s1 heroes.
Iconic example of such hero are Guin.

HoTMs, in my opinion, should be more universal and usable almost everywhere, but not best of the best.

For me, good examples of HoTMs are Seshat, Delilah, GM and Clarissa.

Bad examples is Miki and Telluria, extremely good in their niche, but (for Miki), is not good in other places, or OP heroes like Telluria (but discussing Telluria is off-topic here).

More clear idea - S1 heroes should be all-round heroes, HoTMs more niche (slightly better than S1 in their niche, but on par in other niches), and event heroes should be way better on their niche than S1, slightly better than HOTM, but in other niches event heroes should be worse than S1.


Why so? Is it because you have some chance to get a HOTM from EHT?

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Because you have a good chance to get one HOTM for 3-4 months as c2p.

For event heroes it is a different math.

Any hero better than S1 will benefit P2W more because they are always more likely to get it.

Why is Miki a bad example? As a superior titan hero should he not be available for all? Should F2P/C2P not have access to a titan hero like that?


Yes, they should. For example, if Tarlak would be TC20, then Miki would be a good HOTM.

Very difficult. Basically a full and complete cashfree user you will need twice the time to max out buildings.

You can:

  • Run 3 TC20 and you will get every season 1 hero
  • Farm EHT for the big events and eventually get some eventheroes sand, Christmas, halloween, easter

You will win events, get good (not great) damage on titans and will be able to defeat most of pvp players.

And its all 100% free. Servers. Updates. New content. All. Free.

I dont see an argument to push free players more. After 2 years (yes it takes that long) a roster with 3 joons, 3 marjannas and so on still would be powerful.

Personally, I would instantly stop cashing if free players would be pushed more to keep up with me for free. And thats just my opinion, i hope the best pulls for everyone except my wife, no need to be angry with me :wink:

A stellar titan hero that removes wu Kong frustrations and with better summon odds than tarlak. Why is he bad?

He is not bad, he is relatively bad, because you do not have Miki-like hero in TC20 (but less powerful on titans than Miki, but better in other places such as defence or offence).

For me Wu HOTM is Ranvir - more survival, more suited for titans, but in core like Wu.

The reality is that higher payers are going to have more HotMs than FTP/CTP either way. And they’re going to be able to level them up quicker. And be able put more emblems on them. And have higher leveled troops.

There is literally nothing in this game that gives FTP/CTP players any advantages at all over PTP/PTW players. Nor will there ever be.

Side notes: I like Miki. For titans. Not sure how useful he’d be outside of titan battles. Haven’t personally tested him for PVP battles, but that silencing target and nearby enemies for 4 turns seems like a pretty useful trick. But I mainly just use him for titans, because “+130% normal attack that only applies when the enemy has more HP than the attacker” and titan always has a buttload of HP so that’s pretty much guaranteed +130% attack vs. titans without the -32%/-35% accuracy in the case of Wu and Ranvir respectively. Seems like he could come in handy for PVP also “as long as my opponents have more HP”… which they usually do at the start of the fight, but I also need solid finishers on my team to keep the fights from going into overtime.


With the exception of Telluria the past hotm have been basically what you say they should be. Malosi, JF, Vela, Grimble, Neith, Grazul, Kingston.

You say hotm shouldn’t be the best of the best yet you think GM and clarissa are good examples of what hotm should be. GM is still considered by many to be the best hero in the game and Clarissa, even if she is a slightly nerfed version of GM, is still in the same tier as him.

I dont really care where the most powerful heroes are released as long as they are balanced and don’t completely change the landscape of the game upon release.

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Telluria is best now, but I want to explain more.
Do not having a GM is not an issue for a player, you can workaround without him. But do not having Miki (or any 5* titan paywall hero), or Telluria (or Heimdall) will cripple you more.
I do not think than game should require a HOTM or event hero to reach a certain degree of playing (trying to fight 14* rares with Wu only is painful, even 10* rare is painful).

Sure. But GM is still one of the best so why do use him as a good example for what a hotm should be if you dont think hotm should be the best of the best?

I agree that life without Miki is hard against 14* so then why wouldn’t you want him to be a hotm?

I don’t have Telluria and not having her isn’t crippling me. What’s crippling me is having to face her everywhere I look and that wouldn’t change even if I did have her.

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IMO nothing in the game should be behind a paywall. But a lot of the best heroes are, that’s how this game is designed. Telly only made this point more blatantly obvious to those who had previously dismissed issues like power creep and imbalance.

I pulled Miki from pure luck. He’s awesome on titans, but if I didn’t have him, I’d still be using Wu. Several in my alliance use Wu. Many don’t even have Wu.

Of course, we don’t fight 10-14* titans either, so it’s not really a big deal to me if most of my members only score 15-20k per hit. I always assumed that the alliances fighting 14* titans were mostly made up of players who leaped over the paywall anyway. Heck, I look at their requirements: minimum TP 4400, minimum 2500 cups, minimum 30 maxed 5* heroes, etc. Obviously most of those guys must have some $$$ right? I really didn’t even think that us FTP/CTP people had any business fighting 14* titans in the first place. That’s what they make single digit titans for. :grin:


Ok long story now but here are my workarounds you wanted. What I mean with those alternatives are heroes that could do almost the same, although I know they are not totally the same.
Like the word “workaround” or “alternative” say :wink:

And I will stick to the idea that a color def downer is not “neccessary”, although its great to have them.

Basically I just take heroes that are much easier to achieve (so workaround for frida will NOT be king arthus)

  • Hel = Proteus
  • Athena = Grimm
  • Ares = Boldtusk
  • Mushashi = Joon
  • Alberich = Melendor (did I just… ?)
  • Thoth-Amun = Sartana
  • Perseus = Magni
  • Natalya = Marjanna
  • Zeline = Kadilen
  • Delilah = Vivica
  • Aeron = Rigard
  • Alasie = Magni
  • Gravemaker = Marjanna
  • Gregorian = Lianna
  • Drake Fong = Joon
  • Khiona = Sartana
  • Aegir = Boril (I know… okay Richard)
  • Zimkitha = Marjanna
  • Evelyn = Lianna
  • Onatel = Liuxiu/Leonidas
  • Kunchen = Rigard
  • Frida = Thorne/Grimm something…
  • Anzogh = Azlar
  • Margeret = Aife
  • Ranvir = wukong
  • Seshat = sartana
  • Miki = wukong
  • Grazul = boldtusk
  • Kingston = Lianna
  • Neith = Liuxiu
  • Grimble = diamond guy
  • Vela = Magni (ouch!)
  • Jeanfrancoise = Azlar
  • Telluria = Elkanen (ouch!)
  • Malosi = Joon
  • Clarissa = Sartana

So… in most cases I had no problem comparing a basic hero that, with emblems, would also be really okay to have.
Yes, not all are comparable of course.
But as example, a lianna hits as hard as kingston, thats just how it is. Leaving the attack downer aside.


Yeah, leaving the attack down, immunity to burn, and resurrection skill from emblems aside, Lianna and Kingston are pretty much the same hero, I guess.

20 Ouches …:rofl::rofl:


Yes and liannas pierce will sometimes Bypass defense ups and ripostes, so yeah I stick to my decision that lianna and kingston are not that far away from each other as people say.

Yes the most hotm are better. Fullstop.

Were talking about “free” alternatives. And with a roster full of basis s1 heroes and emblems, its a bit harder to play but still very doable.

Yes. Ouch indeed.

Aife demands an apology.


Don’t get me wrong. Lianna is one of the best S1 heroes. She’s good to have in any team. Perfect for any f2p player.

I’d rather put Kingston over Lianna in my defense team tho. Lianna is just a fast hitter. Comparing her to Kingston is like comparing costumed Vivica to Kunchen just because both of them have a few things in common.

Oh and about Kunchen = Rigard. Hell no…

How dare they disrespect Aife like that :joy:

Aife >>>>>>>> Margareth

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