Should healers be limited on team?

I’m a newbie in this game …in recent raiding , i found interesting

kiril, melandor, Rafaelle, wilbur, Rigard (team power 3550)

clarissa,kiril, malosi,mist,marjana (team power 3620)

i lost to him in tiebreaker, then i was thinking the same to put all defensive heroes on team to make frustration on my opponent that my heroes keep alive even they keep attackin me…, and the winner decided by tiebreaker…

Should healers be limited to put on team?

NO NO NO…No limiting at all.
The team you are talking about should be EASY… Bring at least 3 of same color that is strong against tank, kill tank and ghost tiles there fill your heroes and take 1 at a time out. Easy as pie.
Also with your roster I can not think your a real noob


I often have TWO healers part of my attack team but defense team is different. Usually one is sufficient. Remember is defense you only score when the other person attacks you so you need hero’s that can attack not just absorb damage

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In fairness, with a TP of 3620, it sounds like the legendary heroes are sitting at 2/60.

More than 2 healers on a defense team usually means that it has little offensive power, meaning that if you bring a lot of heavy hitters, you can usually take them out one at a time. You also need to look at the defense composition and bring someone to counter. Given that they have a lot of defensive buff heroes, I would bring heroes like Sonya, Caedmon, Sabina or Melandor. Maybe two of them, one healer and one attacker with different colors so you could always debuff the defense.


Naw, just spend more money to get better heros. Problem solved. You’ll be unstoppable after about 10k to 20k depending on your luck.


Errr… it may be easy for us, but not to the OP, who expressly said that he is a new to the game.

I can surmise that not all of your legendaries are maxed yet, and you may have low-leveled troops. That set of heroes is close to a rainbow (a term coined using 5 heroes of different colors/elements) team with only Malosi and Mist of the same color. And since you are new, it is understandable that you don’t have enough heroes for an attack setup other than rainbow. Once you have gathered enough heroes leveled and maxed (even emblemed), you will be able to defeat most defenses. The more heroes you have maxed, the better it is for finding the best synergies able to equip you with heroes with the required skillset necessary to counter certain defenses. You may also need to study and learn the elements and their synergies, and which they are strong or weak against.

AAANNNNNDDDDD, since you are new, it is the common wise consensus that you establish at least 3-5 rainbow teams of 3* heroes first , and work your way working on at least 4-6 rainbow teams of 4* heroes (they are the backbone of this game due to the scarcity of ascension items for the legendary heroes, which needs tons of food and feeders). They will help you get ascension items for your 5* heroes.


Hmm. The team that you faced is not something that you will face regularly. Usually players will put a maximum of 2 passive heroes, in fact once you enter diamond, the number of passive heroes will almost be nil.

General suggestion for the future. Start maxing your 4 stars one by one until you have atleast 3 in each colour. Once you reach that position, you can start playing 3-2 colour stacking, where the 3 should be strong colour against tank, and 2 against one of the flanks. If you face a team of passive heroes like these, don’t be afraid to dump tiles on them to charge your own heroes. Once, all of your heroes are charged take out 1 or 2 of them, and heal yourself. And then rinse and repeat. :slight_smile:


ty guys for the inputs much appreciated…i like this game so i like to get better knowledges of strategy to win not only for this game , perhaps for other aspect of life,


No, no idea why they should be limited.
More healers, less damage made, plain and simple.

I only agree to limit healers on Health Aid WAR. but thats because I HATE Health aid war.

on any other circumstance, the only healer I’d like to limit is Telluria… Period…

that’s not a guarantee though, and it’s possible to have very very very bad luck. unless someone is willing to spend a lot and take a big risk…


just kind of frustrated the those heroes hardly to die then i just feel like playing candy crush,

With an opposing healer team, just adjust your tactics: Be patient and take them out one by one. Wait until enough of your hitters’ specials are charged an take out one healer. Rinse and repeat.

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Well i gotta say all what i takes is to stack bunch of snipers to fight team with 3 healers for example.
No need to worry about their dmg that much, for obvious reason and wait to charge up your single target heroes.
Take down the damage dealers first, and repeat.
Nice and easy.

It was a joke. They were saying you should be unstoppable after $10,000 - $20,000.

I was being sarcastic.

:laughing: :rofl: :joy:

Now that’s funny right there - and certainly has an element of truth to it (not to disagree with my good friend @sleepyhead, he makes a valid point as well)…

But getting back to on topics. No, healers should not be limited. If putting up 5 healers meant guaranteed victory every time? Everyone would do it. You know why everyone doesn’t do it?

Because it doesn’t work.

Healers are a pain. Even more of a pain in a Field Aid war. But you know what healers don’t do so well? They don’t kill your heroes. Fights against heavy healer teams may last longer, and may get really annoying after the first 20-30 turns or so… but they’re not invincible.

When you have that one healer on the board who simply will not die… strategy I like to use is something I call “ghost and nuke”. “Ghost” tiles to charge up all of your attack special skills, and try to line up opposing tiles beneath that annoying healer SOB… then, once you have all of your ducks lined up in a row beneath said hero… KABOOM!!! Hit 'em with everything you’ve got, all at once, all in one turn, all directed at the same target. If that doesn’t kill them?



My advice when facing multiple healer teams as described in the OP - focus on one at a time. Kill 1, then the next, and so on. It may take time and you’ll need a healer of your own, but not that difficult.

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