Should Drake or Jabberwocky get Monk Emblems?

I almost have Jabberwocky at 4/80 now and am facing the question on if I move my monk emblems from Drake to Jabby?

Drake has been a great hero for me, but Jabby is just kinda fun and is a beast against Titans.

I’m thinking I’ll get more versatility out of Jabby but it will cause me to reorganize my entire main Rainbow Team.

Currently using Khiona, Lianna, Isarnia, Grazul, & Drake.

Other 5* in my roster:
At 4/80
Justice Talent 11
Magni Talent 11

Other Tier 4
Jabberwocky 4/75
Richard 4/48

at 3/70

Thorne 3/55
Vivica 3/40
Obakan 3/40
Jean-François 2/52

Would welcome any advice on strengthening my main team.

In that order?

Either way, grazul needs replaced with marjana
And if you do that then khiona needs replaced either by sartana or khiona

Would replace isarnia with magni

Keep lianna

If you want to use jabber in defense, would keep embleming justice but i think drake is the better tank

Him+4 snipers does ok. Not great but gets you by until you slowly accumulate better replacements

Could also:
Max onatel

Run same order except onatel instead of drake, jabber instead of sartana

That was my bad, currently going with this order:

Grazul | Drake | Isarnia | Khiona | Lianna

I’ve tried Khiona & Grazul as Tank with mixed results. Isarnia is doing okay for me so far.


I have my Drake at +9 and Jabber now at +7 (almost +8)

I couldn’t really split the two in terms of overall usefulness as both feature heavily in both raids & defences at different times…

I’ve considered that, but I’d like to focus my emblems on one hero if possible. Just like the thought of someday fielding a team of 4/80T20.

I mean if you’re thinking “Someday” then “Someday” you will be fielding two 4-80 +20 monks :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally Emblem what I use… As I use both Drake & Jabber a lot, I put emblems on both.

Suggestions for the team: Ascend Onatel and put her as Tank and then set
Lianna - Jabbarwocky - Onatel - Grazul - Magni as your defense.

Onatel and Grazul ensures a very sturdy core, Jabbarwocky could help Onatel’s targeting by destroying outer targets, Lianna and Magni picks up the leftovers.
Magni is more a flank than a wing hero but Grazul is faster and would help your Onatel more than the tall smurf.

Once Onatel casts her first special she would recover 4% of her huge health pool every round (for 6 round, undispellable) helped by Grazul’s tiny heal and the status effect prevention… and delaying specials when fighting Onatel is deadly.

Any recommendations on talent path for Jabberwock?

i went all attack but would love to hear others

Went attack aswell! It’s a killer make it more of a killer.

I went all attack on both :stuck_out_tongue: Drake & Jabberwocks :stuck_out_tongue:

That is what I was thinking…thanks for the response.

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