Should be able to see alliance mates full roster, player profile, base layout


It would be VERY useful to be able to see your alliance teammates full roster.

Being able to see ANY players full roster by being able to look at their player profile (and also see their base layout) would be a good feature, but at Least make it so you can allow other alliance members to see your roster.

It can have a setting that you can turn on or off, or only allow certain members (such as ‘ranked only’ - leaders, co-leaders, elders).

Also when viewing other peoples rosters, you should be able to select:
“can only see heroes on Teams”,
or “can only see favorite (locked) heroes”
(by the way, heroes should enter your roster automatically locked if they are non-duplicates, or 5*)


I wish I could vote this up 10x - at least for alliance members/leaders - we have 3-4 new members and it’s so much harder teaching without access to their rosters


Great idea in my opinion


We use discord and each of our members have their own channel where they’ve posted their rosters. It’s made it so much easier to offer advice based on what they already have.

I doubt the game will be adding anything like this anytime soon, so you may want to consider using discord.


We use discord, but nobody posts their rosters since it would be a lot of screenshots and your roster changes daily.
It just makes sense to be able to see a players profile by clicking on them in chat and from there look at their roster and base. Also browsing your alliance members stuff would start a lot of random conversations which would be good for the game.


Voted, this would be incredibly helpful. We have many new members that still are learning what a tank is and why you want one in the center. It’s killing me to see Layla sitting there waiting for the slaughter while Boril is hanging in the wings

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I will rather not vote for this, for one, privacy issues on account, I have read a couple of threads where a leader complained of spy coming to preview their defense prior to war.
I can see such feature generating more issues.

If this is for the purpose of alliance synergy on war and defense teams, other communications routes like discord, line etc could be used appropriately to instruct or educate old and new members respectively.

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I agree @OLIZ.

There is a feature in Line ap that allows you to create albums of your Hero rosters. They can always be updated before war or whenever leadership has time to go through them :wink:

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We use the line app for this feature as well. Everyone posts their roster there and updates it once a week each in their own albums.

At least in Line app messages don’t disappear so we can all make suggestions without some missing out.

The suggestion is a good one but not sure if would want players outside my allience seeing my roster so I’d agree with allience only and from leader upwards as new members need to build up confidence and show they actually support others before being allowed to see what everyone has.

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Make it a) optional and b) visible only to elders and above.

Privacy and spy problems addressed and solved

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