Should be able to queue Legendary Training in HA


Can’t find other threads about this.

Why can’t we queue trainings for Legendary Training.

I setup a training and I can’t queue a second?

Nope it was noted and requested even during beta tests, SG gave an explanation (about why not) somewere i remember it made sense to me …
This should be more ideas and feature requests topic not an bug/issue.

I do agree that should be possible to queue, even if after queued we couln’t “withdraw” the trainings…

I don’t know the official response either, but the first thing that comes to mind is that people could use this to get “free” rooster space :wink:

I agree you should be allowed to use a queue system for the 5* heroes.
I can’t remember the official reason why this is not being allowed.
The free roster space does spring to mind as already suggested but surely the game could restrict the queue to roster space a player has available
Just my two pennies worth …

There is a similar topic regarding HA improvement

[Master] Improve / Fix Hero Academy


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As no votes please make use of the above linked thread which has Queuing HA10 on the list.

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