Should Alliances Change?

Which is better: play for a long time in one Alliance, or play for some little time in one, then in another … to go to gain different experiences?

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Depends on the person. If you are happy where you are then no reason to leave but if you wanna check out new things or are unhappy then there are plenty of alliances out there to check out

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Good evening, I prefer to stay in an alliance, so slowly you can start automatisms with others, such as attack on the titan, finalize techniques and tactics of war, instead changing often you do not have the time to integrate and interact properly

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Depends on the alliance

If you find one like mine, might as well get comfortable cause there’s no other place better lol


Depends on

  1. what kind of player you are
  2. what kind of alliance you joined

If you are a serious player then likely the first alliance you joined will not be your last. You need to find a serious alliance that matches your goals. You may find yourself going through a few different alliances before you find the right fit. Or, you may luck out and find that alliance on your first try.

If you are a casual player you want a casual alliance that won’t put too many responsibilities on you. If you miss a titan it’s not the end of the world. Again, you may find yourself going through a few different alliances before you find the right fit. Or, you may luck out and find that alliance on your first try.

Know what you want, what you expect, what kind of alliance you are looking for. Then find it and you’re done.

I lucked out on my first try. Currently at 741 days. No interest in changing.


I’ll get that gem payment sent your way ASAP. :wink:


“Depends on alliance”

“Depends on person”

Etc. etc.

Yeah there really is no right or wrong answer to this one.

You might find an alliance with good people, but maybe they’re not up to the level you want to be at.
Or you might find an alliance that is up to a great level, but the people are jerks.
Or a combination of both, or neither.

I had a lot of fun in my first alliance. It was a training alliance, so we weren’t fighting anything too tough, though we did have strict requirements regarding participation. I had no problem meeting those requirements personally, but not everyone was fully committed. Was kind of bittersweet when I made a friend and they ended up getting kicked out later for missing titan or war hits or whatever. On the one hand - I’m gonna miss that guy. On the other hand - we can’t be carrying “dead weight” around, just because we like their personality. You either go hard, or you don’t. And I wanted to go hard.

Eventually though… I ended up having to say goodbye to so many good people. Only to see them replaced with “go hard” people with zero sense of humor or compassion for others. Ugh. Sucked all the fun out of it for me.

You’ve got to find the one that fits you just right. Or, if you know a few people that you play well with and can depend on, create your own. I created my own. Took a bunch of worthless newbie scrubs and turned them into well-oiled killing machines. :grin: Okay well no they’re not all quite that good yet, but the important thing is that we’re all copacetic. And I’m not leaving any of their sides until every last one of them worthless maggots have been transformed into well-oiled killing machines.


That’s a great question…

I think it depends on how you evolve as a player compared to those in your alliance. If y’all got a good thing going… same goals and whatnot… no reason for a switch.

I’ll tell you from my social perspective… it’s fun to pop into a friend’s alliance every now and then, but honestly, there’s no place like home.


Do whatever make you happy in this game, one should never be afraid to move on if something feels wrong. I for one am glad that I eventually found a home that can deal with my chaotic mind ha.
Good to stick to like minded players, to play with other competitive players if you’re one yourself etc.


Did you click your ruby slippers three times while saying that?

Seriously, though, that should really be the goal. Find an alliance where you feel at home.


I think you should keep switching until you find an alliance that works for you. If you’re online all the time, and use 100% of your hits on everything every day, you’ll probably want an alliance that requires all of those things from their members. If you’re more laid back/casual, then you’d do better in an alliance with more lax rules.


To be very honest, that really does depend on you. Just ask yourself as you grow in the game what it is you want from an alliance.
If you want more or need more than is on offer, chat to the leadership team. If nothing materialises then it’s probably time to move on.
It’s not unusual for players to outgrow their alliance as they improve and progress and become more competitive.
At the same time people occasionally feel burn out and want a “rest” so move to an easier alliance for respite.
And often people find an alliance that is a perfect fit and never move.


The main points have already been covered, so nothing to really add.

I would put it down to whether it’s a good fit for you. Individual priorities may change, life may change. Can you/your alliance change with it?


I have two profiles so I’ve had the experience of being in one alliance long-term and the second being in other alliances.

I’ve enjoyed both experiences very much.


I was asking myself lately oftentimes if I should stay in my alliance or maybe switch.

Reasons why I wanted to switch:

  • I became more competetive after time and some in our alliance don’t care that much about making progress
  • I am curious in how other alliances play the game. What their war tactics are, etc.

Reasons I didn’t:

  • I am in this alliance for more almost 1.5 years. Some members even longer, we grew together all that way. So there is a kind of bond that became stronger over the time.
  • We did make progress. From beating 7* titans by the time I joined to 10* titans by now, soon hopefully being able to beat 11* titans on a regular base.
  • We got a bit stricter. We barely leave flags unused in war. So in general we became more serious
  • I am well respected in my alliance. People seek for my advice. So I see many are willing to optimize their game play and I know that they would lose one of their strongest players If I leave.

So what I decided to do now, is giving my best to push my ally-mates, without putting pressure on them. I don’t see us making rules for average titan- or warscore. But: I made a line group for our alliances. I encouraged them to join and send me their rosters when they seek for advice at raid defense, for example. Just did that yesterday and now we already 6 people on line. I will encourage them to use or send me screenshots so I can make sub-accounts for them to keep an overview for future defense advice and war-tank decisions. I am going to collect some data on wars and titans, not to point out who is behind, but to give some general information about our overall performance and what we can do to beat higher titans for example.

I am just starting all this and have to see how I find the right balance: Some of us our very motivated and I guess they will appreciate that. Some of them are in our alliance for more than two years, always do their titan and war hits but not much else (like farming). And they shouldn’t feel pressure and get the feeling they are not doing enough. After all, our main focus is still on being a nice community and enjoying the game - I don’t want that to change.


If you need help, feel free to hit me up and I’ll try

thanks. whats your line id? or you just hit me up there: diesdasep
Yesterday littlekaf sent me all the spreadsheets he is using. I didn’t get to get into that really. That’s what I am going to do today

My perspective is that you want to find people you can get along with, joke around with, chat with, and generally enjoy their company

Gameplay and group effort should be a given, and can make a good alliance. But the most important thing is smart people who chat and have fun, in my opinion

Lastly, not too serious. Leaders who help, not order you around. And who accept that sometimes, every now and then people have RL stuff happen that means they need some space.

im lucky that my alliances have all been pretty good. Shout out to the Shadow Lurkers, who make it fun!


We have several people that leave the alliance for more “uber” ones, then 3-6 months later return. Heck, I did it.

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Really depends on what is your set of mind: if you are competitive and always try to improve, choose an alliance with same goals. Otherwise, find a more relaxed one.

Personally, I want something challenging and if I see that the alliance starts missing too many titans or leaves too many flags for war unused, I switch.
The “social” part of the game (group chats and so on) interests me till a certain point… of course I’m happy if there is a nice group in which you can shoot the breeze, but it’s not my main concern.
In my experience (no offense intended, just reporting what I saw) women tend to be more interested in the “social” part, rather than the competitive part of the game. Of course I have an exception (my girlfriend) sitting next to me :sweat_smile:
She has very similar view as me


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