Should Alliance Players Be Balanced

3 players in my alliance consistently hit Titans for over 250k. 1 player averages around 150k. While the rest of us struggle to pick up 35-40k before it’s down. These same 3 players are consistently thrilled with their Titan loot. The rest of us… not so much.
Is this imbalance good or bad for an account trying to grow?

Our alliance has a wide range of player levels/hero rosters too, so we experience the same sorts of variability on titans and War.

I’ve found that for our group, at least, it seems to work well.

The older players help out the newer players with advice a lot, which is fun for us. And the newer players share their excitement with new accomplishments and progress, which keeps everyone engaged and involved. And I think it gives the older players opportunity to feel excitement remembering how far they’ve come themselves when seeing where newer players are at.

It may not be ideal for competitive alliances, or for older players who want to maximize their Titan loot — but for more casual alliances, I at least would highly recommend having a range of players.

Adding on: for titan loot in particular, newer players who can get to a C rank are benefitted by the bigger titans the alliance is fighting. The only challenge is for people in the D rank.


The alliance I am in has a good balance. We recently instituted a a 1000 trophy rule, but no one player runs away on the score.

Always a progression of scores from top to bottom.

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to make a titan profitable you must make it 3%, if 3 players accumulate an 80 damage and the others do not arrive you are not in the correct alliance.

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I do appreciate the “big boys” experience, they answer a number of questions I never even knew I had.
So if I can pull off a C, there is a chance for 3* ascension items? The number of hero’s in my roster at 3-60 is adding up :wink:


What level titans?

If you can pull a C you are usually safe. Watch your titan loot level. It is shown in Roman numerals after each win.

You goal is IX Any higher than that makes very little difference.

It is nice when you get good info regularly. :slight_smile:

Yes indeed! A C rank (your score is at least 1% of the total hp) on a titan will give you the same loot tier as the number of stars. That’s plenty for a decent shot at some ascension mats.

In an ideal world, you really want to work your way up to loot tier 9, because there’s a third roll for ascension mats, vs. 2 in the lower tiers, as this small excerpt shows:

Depending on the titans you’re fighting, that will likely prove difficult until you level up your roster more, since it would mean an A rank on 7*, B rank on 8*, or C rank on 9*+.

It’s also worth noting that while Titans are generally the best source for a chance at 3* ascension mats, completing Rare Quests and Challenge Events should be a priority for you, since those are guaranteed sources of 3* mats.

@General_Confusion put together a nice guide of all the places you can get ascension mats (so nice, it’s the second time in 3 hours I’ve referenced it):


Our alliance is a top heavy alliance that has been around for about 6 months now. We are now up to consistently killing 9* titans and we work with the lower level members of the alliance to help them strengthen their rosters and hit titans better. It is really fun to see the alliance get stronger as a whole so I think I can safely say that as long as a lower level player can hit that C rank on our 9*s then it is benefitting thek to be in an alliance like ours

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Thank you so much! These breakdowns are amazing… what a wonderful community :blush:

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We take down 7&8* Titans. Usually I can pull off a C. Depending on color, of course.
I’ve never really noticed the Roman numeral before. I’ll look out for it next time, thank you!


Our alliance is taking down 7/8* as well. Unless someone doesn’t participate, everyone seems to get C or better.