Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)

Updated 31 Aug, 2018.

This is a shortlist of frequent requests. We will update this regularly. Thanks for all the suggestions! Please comment on the existing topics, instead of creating new ones.

Requests that have a strong chance to make it into the game in the (near) future

  • Raid shields. We will be introducing Raid shields in version 15!
  • Alliance Wars Wanted Mission Chest. This will be introduced in version 15!
  • New buildings. We’ve started the work with notable new additions to the base. The release for these is still quite far in the future, stay tuned for more information.
  • New ways to get ascension materials . The upcoming War Chest will include a chance for ascension materials, but we’re also working on raiding-related new feature which will likely add a new way to get ascension materials.
  • Ability to customize heroes (skins). We’re working with a feature that would bring alternate looks for some of the heroes. We’ll be posting a poll shortly where you can vote which Hero you would like to see with a new look first!
  • Ability to evolve heroes further. We’re working on a new major feature that will enable all heroes to be developed beyond their current limits. This big feature is planned to enter beta testing soon.

Requests that we are considering, but not working on currently

  • Alchemy Lab. Building that would convert unused materials and items into something else has been considered as one of the possible new buildings. Main discussion here: PROPOSAL - New Building: Alchemy Lab.
  • Alliance Wars Leaderboards. We’re still looking into this, but it’s not currently being worked on.
  • Friends lists and ability to invite friends to your Alliance. This is a really interesting idea that has been discussed about many times. It’s not in the near future plans, though. Main discussion here: Private Messages & Friends Lists - Please add your comments & ideas here!
  • Trading between players . We’d love to add something related to this into game, and one popular idea has been a facility that would allow converting extra materials and resources for various gifts for friends or alliance members. This is not being worked with yet. Main discussion here: Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!
  • Event Summon Tokens : These have been discussed, but we still want to release at least one all-new Challenge Event before looking into possible new features related to events.
  • Alliance chat: Pinned messages. We’ll try to get a closer look at this sooner rather than later, but ETA is still unknown.
  • Battle Alliance members for no energy. A good idea, and could be looked at during this year at some point. More discussion here: Practice Battles Against Teammates
  • Let Alliance leader give rewards. We’re not looking into expanding the role of the Alliance leader just now, but this is a good idea that may influence some of the future Alliance features.
  • Multiple defensive formations . This is something we’d love to add at some point. Main discussion here: Alternate formations in raids - Please add your ideas and comments here!
  • Add new languages. We’d love to add more languages in the future! More discussion here: Please add the Ukrainian language, Greek chat room and flag, The community of players în Romania.
  • Verification for Alliances. This is an interesting request, and we’ll be looking into how this could be implemented. More discussion here: Verification for alliances.

Requests that are currently ruled out

  • Private messages : An often requested feature, but due to various reasons including player safety we’re not currently looking into implementing this.
  • Moderators for the in-game chat. Currently, we do not have resources to implement this. More discussion on this topic: Global chat improvements
  • Trade Market : We most likely won’t go for a direct exchange ’trade market’ due to various risks involved. That being said new ways to use surplus materials or resources are definitely being considered.
  • No duplicate player names. At the moment we do not have plans to make player names unique. We have added the Alliance name to each profile, in the chat view. More discussion on the topic here: NO duplicate game/chat names!
  • Summon Token upgrade: New Summon categories and Summon Tokens may be added in future updates, but we’re not currently planning to upgrade the existing Tokens.

Requests that have been implemented

  • Alliance Wars: We have now rolled out Alliance Wars. Check out this announcementfor more details!
  • Add more team slots. In 1.10 we increased the amount of hero teams from 3 to 5.
  • Second Builder. Second Builder is now available as a part of the new VIP pass we introduced in 1.10!
  • Ability to favorite Troops . We implemented favoriting Troops feature in update 1.11.
  • Your Alliance Global Rank for Top Alliance Leaderboard has been implemented in 1.12.
  • Skip autoplay. Loot Tickets which can be used to instantly grab the loot were added in 1.12.
  • Season 2. Out now! Season 2 was introduced in 1.14.
  • Chance to get earlier Heroes of the Month . Monthly Atlantis Summon, which was introduced in the update 1.14, includes a changing selection of 2 earlier Heroes of the Month.
  • More Avatars. In 1.10 we have added avatars as rewards for the new Raid Mastery mission. In 1.13 we introduced the brand new Avatar Shop with new Avatars, Pins and Backgrounds to customize your avatar.
  • Display the nationality of alliance members. Pins available from the Avatar Shop include country flags. Make sure to check out the shop daily!
  • Local Leaderboards. Added in 1.13. You can now see how your trophies measure against other players in your region.
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Adding alliance names to each player’s names rules out most intentional spoofing of names, so I’d consider that issue mostly handled. :wink:


@Petri thank you so much for this post. It adresses an abundance of questions that I myself and a lot of other people have. It’s good to have an official reaction and transparency about it, which will surely help the discussions in the threads that are linked.

Excited for the new things to come!


This is a very nice posting…thank you for the update…


Petri, very useful, thank you. But no mention of issues around both inactive leaders, and how to remove, and inactive alliances


I’m very excited and scared that the game change too much at the same time.

Neverless, thank you for the info.


Thank you so much for this post. I am grateful to get a view into SG’ mind on a game I really like. You rock!


What doesn’t evolve falls behind. Fear not. Just look at games like League of Legends. It’s undergoing major changes all the time and that’s the exact reason why it’s still alive and kicking :slight_smile:


Please don’t, by the time this will be implemented I and many others will have our main buildings lvl 20, so it will not benefit us as much, let the other players grind as we did.


So, we should not try to improve the game just because you personally won’t benefit from it…


It’s not fair for the older players who have grinded their way up, and there’s other way better areas where improvement can be made.

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If it help to get more players to stay, then I dont see a problem. And yes is kinda unfair for us that didnt have it when we started.


second this. i’m sort of a middle lifer (didn’t get hel athena or ares, stronghold at 18). in super happy to have a shot at hel and athena next year, i can’t be unhappy about builder in the same breath. anything that keeps people playing and isn’t unbalanced should be on the table.


I grinded to 3x TC20, and I’m all for putting in another builder. Or what they did in another game I played (oGame) is you invested in tech that sped up your single builder. So every level you increased your build tech, the faster the single builder got.


I’m absolutely for them adding a second builder, even if I never get to use it, precisely because of all the agony of grinding it out! Why wish that on someone else? :grin:


I understand his feelings.
You may have the same improvement, but there are buildings more important than others, expecially on the beginning.

So while a new player can upgrade stronghold and TC on the same time (or even better, Stronghold and iron storage to reach lv 20 very fast), i can improve… a farm (already lv 15) and a forge.

New players benefits much more from that, while older players has struggled to upgrade the important things one step at a time.


So, again…we should not make improvements to the game because the people playing since beginning will not be able to enjoy it…■■■■ with that logic nothing will ever improve…yes, I get it is annoying to grind it out 1 building at a time (I am working on level 15 of all my buildings right now, so I’m not a noob), but to say to the devs don’t make a game improvement cause I won’t get to benefit from it is just wrong…


Read carefully, i said somewhere that they don’t have to improve the game? No, i’m not.
I only stated that if you only improve this way, older players (that are supposed to be rewarded for their loyalty) have the short stick again, same way was the gems discount for newbe and nothing for elders.

Improvements suppose to be something that extend the life of a game, but if you spread disparity on your customer this may lead to shorten it.

What i want to say is… they have to put something else on elders plate to balance this thing.


Agree with part of the sentiment here. I’m starting to get more and more buildings on lvl 20. If they add the second builder and nothing else (so no new buildings, or extra levels on buildings etc). I’d be at a massive disadvantage compared to new players who can catch-up in half the time.

When grinding is half the game, its a big change to cut that time in half. I think this could’ve been an excellent change if they did it 8 months ago when pretty much nobody had buildings on 20. Now I’d say it’s a bit late and the focus should be on different aspects that improve the game for everyone (new people and longer term players). I’d at least move this idea down to ‘considering but not working on currently’.


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