Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)

You spelled Rigard wrong.

In all seriousness, though, I’m both heartened that staff is looking to update the list and disheartened that they cannot find someone in the know to do it. :confused:


@Petri do you have any other topic like this updated with the ideas for 2020/2021?

How is the idea of the trades progressing?

RE Trading; I am like 99% sure that these statements still apply:


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“Sharing resources”. I understand that sharing ascension materials would be contrary to Small Giant/Zynga’s intense greed, but sharing resources shouldn’t be such a threat. I have 72 raid flasks and would love to be able to share them with my alliance members that would like to use them. What harm is that? It would be great if SG/Z could see their way to granting a method in which alliance members could share their excess resources with team members.

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In the beginning, I was somewhat against the idea of sharing / gifting / exchanging items because I thought that would lead to a sudden influx of scammers and other black market type elements to the game.

That type of thing always happened in every other online game I’ve played that allowed trading between players.

You think alliance recruitment spam is annoying? It’s nothing compared to constant bot posts of “visit EnPgems4cheep.fake misticrings misterytonnics royiltaberds all less then $1 eech pleeze join 123salesemporiem allience and give email and credit card informashun all card acceptid”

I still think that is a very real possibility, so it would need to be carefully implemented and highly regulated to prevent that from happening.

Unfortunately, I think the normal built-in game odds are no longer sufficient to allow each player to progress at a reasonable rate without spending absurd amounts of money. Interplayer gifting and trading could help alleviate these issues, as long as it doesn’t end up exploding into a Craigslist account selling catastrophe (worst case scenario).

Please add notifications for heroes ready to be upgraded. For example if I have a here that needs a cape or gloves once I have the cape or glove let me know, I have to check each Héroe to see which one can be upgraded.

It would be nice if we could transfer items between friends/ team members

Posting a new topic appears to be impossible. I can only reply. Not very helpful. My 2 cents on the Ninja Tower: making it impossible to win does not make it more fun. I have spent money only once on the Ninja Tower challenge and never will again. All the other new challenges and features have been a definite value add. Ninja Tower is a bit of a fail, in my opinion.

People, help me out please. I am new on this forum and I have a idea for a simple but so wanted change to the game (in my perspective). I don’t know where my question belongs so help me out.

My suggestion/question is, is it possible to give the permission to the leader of an alliance the possibility to turn off the ‘the participation in war’ for members in their alliance. It would be so much easier to have that option as a leader of an alliance instead of trying to pursue certain members to turn of their participation in war, since they are signed in for it but never attend, and maybe eventually have to ban them from the alliance since they are not attending ?

ps. sorry for my bad English

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Many agree

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Can this thread be locked and allowed to sink into the ether? Guv posted 2 years ago that Petri was looking for a dev to go through and update this list; yet there has been no modifications in nearly 4 years. It’s time to let go of this one.


Totally agree Kikyo…