Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)

I’d be happy to support your request if you could justify a reason for it that I understood.

No, it’s not. This thread is a list of requests that are commonly made, and it reports the status of them: developed, in development/consideration, not in consideration now but possibly at a later date, and not in consideration at this time or later. You are supposed to check this thread before making a suggestion. If you don’t see your suggestion, you should start a new thread.

What does this improve upon?

Think about this story. You are hungry and walk up to your favorite restaurant. The owner greets you and says, “Congratulations! You are our 1,000 customer today.” He gives you $20 and a free meal ticket.
You go inside and order your meal and the waiter asks for payment. You put the $20 in the folder and hand it to the waiter. The waiter says, “But friend, you can spend that $20 anywhere. Wouldn’t you like to use your meal ticket instead?”
How do you answer the waiter’s question?

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Is there any news yet @Petri?

About upcomming change/things.

This is a very good topic and it has been reviewed and brought up and potentially someday implemented other games have it I don’t want to name them but I will put One initial new game that is advertised everywhere which I tried but not a fan of… RSL… they have an arena where are you can dual or spar with teammates as merely practice and it would not be hard to program this into the game as you can literally making Arena very easily then implemented as a tab like entering quests ore entering into the summonses SO2 answer your question there is a topic about this under General topics and ideas if you have an account you just go to General topics and you can scroll around and I guarantee you will find multiple topics about it including me I have a couple strong topics I have been bringing up for about 3 years now and I’ve had them shot down but now I am seeing creators and admins testing the water so to speak with certain topics like being able to buy gems for your teammates on certain holidays… and certain packages that have recently popped up typically about $30 which include 3000 gems a couple epic hero tokens a few other items and they let you pick one legendary Ascension item. So ya head over to General topics and ideas and you can either scroll and read about where people have brought up this topic I’ve been talking about it for maybe over a year going on 2 this particular topic and you can reply and add to those or you can create your own and it will be reviewed at some point

I agree! I would also like to spectate RAID activity. Whether you won or lost… when I sign back on, I would love to see what actually happened when I was Raided while off-line.

40$ in my country. So fairness or not on you to decide


Last updated on 31 August 2018.

This was a great thread to stay apprised of upcoming content and what was or was not possible.


On the flip side, all of us who have ground our way to where we are (I’ve only be here about a year or so, so I’m not that old) have a big advantage over newbies. Consider, also, how much of an advantage we have over newbies in the ability to determine the value of new heroes, the art of raiding, and other nuances of the game that newbies will have to learn (or read on the forum).

There was a recent thread that v30 removed the feature that allowed one to view raid history and opt out of a raid “for free.” This was, in fact, a bug fix and not a feature removed. How many newbies were able to take advantage of that bug and get “free re-rolls”? How many of them would have been savvy enough to even know how to look at ham and iron to determine whether they should use it?

I’m saying we should be a little more empathetic for the newbies.

New suggestion for Alchemy Lab’s transmutations, inspired by @dynaROONIE and @Suicide_Bunny on 🎲 [v2] Alchemy Lab FAQ & Discussion thread:

make so that the every Alchemy Lab’s level would have a “favourite transmutation” slot so that reagents that are put in that slot could be queued easier with a “plus” button.

Example of favourite transmutation:
Common ascension materials favourite slot (4 items required)

  • Pratice Sword x2
  • Rugged Clothes x1
  • Training Manual x1
    (4/4) items image

First time doing this couldn’t really figure out where to go but I’m a a level 73 player and been playing obviously for awhile my issue now Is I cannot aquire any five star heros (new ones) at all literally just spent 30$ in the legend summon for 30 summons and only got three star hero duplicates and some four star heros…it’s a friggin legends summon why the ■■■■ is there three and four star heros in the bunch… They are not legends and it is B’s really pissing me off everyone else on the team is getting new heros but veteran players cannot and I have spent enough coin in this game to feel like I’m getting screwed thanks alot empires and puzzles for making me dislike the game now more and more day by day

The last update from the mods to this thread was 2 years ago. @Petri or other mods - can we get this updated at the top?

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Think of the puppies and kittens…

When you say “new heroes” do you mean HOTM? It took me 3 years to get two of them. :grin:. To be fair, I spend very little.

To the F2P player, I say level your Training Camps to 20 and try repeatedly to get 5* there. True, they will be Season 1 heroes, but at least you will be obtaining 5* and it takes the sting out of any potentially long wait you have for HOTM.

As always, please read the Gacha thread before spending anything; make informed decisions with your game dollars…then, have at it. :wink:


Lol your funny man again I’m level 73 only have one tc20 cause it’s a joke when ya already have all the season ones so the o my time I spend my gems weither I have em or not (have to spend actual money) is for seasonal summonings or the special events or the season three heros maybe one or two season two heros I could use but I’m good with that so I stead of giving multiple friggin duplicates sometimes back to back of three stars give me some fives and further more which is very strange all these new players are doing the same pulls but are having great luck getting great heros that I would love but again seems like ya don’t care smfh really three stars and four stars in the legends Summonings I don’t ■■■■■ love the game but gtfoh you guys are ridiculous seems like ya want veteran players to spend and the new players get it all so.they can keep up with the big dogs been a every day havnt missed one yet player so I have seen and heard alot this is my first time posted anything to you guys and I’m only doing so cause enough is enough sick of seeing everyone else get the new heros but the veteran players unless ya wanna spend and like I meant I just broke down and spent the 30 cause I wanted some ■■■■■■■ legends not duplicate three stars and a couple four that again I Already Have thank you for nothing such a big help

Punctuation would surely help to read that.


This thread isn’t maintained by the Moderators. We are just players & have no insight into the game direction / future plans & thus cannot comment on what features are / not being considered.

I know Petri has been trying to pin down a developer & a game designer to go thru the lists again & make necessary updates but has (so far) been unsuccessful in that regard.


OMG, that was quite an awesome random stream of unpunctuated consciousness. I would almost give it a like for just that…:rofl:


So you are boasting about having S1 heroes that you could have got ‘organically’ by spending? How is that intelligent?

Lmao yea cause that’s what this is about

In fairness, it’s pretty hard to tell what your post WAS about


Ah, missed this information the first time. :wink: