Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)

I’ve seen it suggested elsewhere, like this post: Give hero sorting a switch for pulling teams out

Please consider allowing us to toggle off the team sorting while sorting by other characteristics. When I sort by element, I have to scroll back to include “teamed” heroes, or empty out all of my teams to get a clean look at my heroes sorted. Hopefully not too hard to implement. Thanks for all you do SG. The game is great!


What if it was limited to inner alliances? Like I have 3 Merlins for example, if someone in my alliance did not have one, it would limited to them and it would be something of like 1) one EHT 2) specific amount of gems 3) a hero of equal * value. It could only be done once, per that hero (stamped kind of) and both would have to agree on their end of the trade.

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I suggested this maybe a year ago but still nothing :frowning:

@Petri Could a mod edit this topic’s main post to bring it up to date?

Hi, we are on this! Sorry for the delay.


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Thanks alot Petri I kan lnly imagine how much work is it for you guys to please every each of our request so you have my gratitude and from the members of my alliance. Many of Them aren’t good in english , thanks is from Them as Well .


So how many of these can be checked off the list?

Pretty cool seeing how many of those ideas made it into the actual game

I know i dog on you guys a ton, but do appreciate you guys implementing some of the ideas so far from this list


I were thinking about a QOL implementation:

It would be nice while training a hero if just next to the text “choose heroes to train with” there would be a button that would open a drop down menù where we could see all of our training camps’ production and being able to directly collect the heroes from there.

As a example, if I were to run x3 extra low cost training and x1 legendary training I would see x3 Toril and x1 Azlar icons with the “collect number/number” button next to them.

Heroes collected in this way would just appear after the “you received the following:” popup, without having to click ok on every single hero you would collect.


Would love to see this request implemented: give option to either use token or gems on summons; as it is, if one have tokens and have gems, but the total gems are not enough for 10 summon bundle (but say enough for 6 summons for example) , you can’t use the gems for summons until you have first used the tokens; there are times when I actually preferred to use gem and still keep the tokens but couldn’t find a way to get that done.

Could you elaborate on such a situation?

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Ben, I believe what Oliz is saying Is that gold summon tokens occupy the purchase one button section (which otherwise would be “pay 300 gems”). Instead, they desire to be able to stockpile tokens, and spend gems instead for the buy 1 3-5 star summon option. (This actually would also apply to any summon tier… I missed that, lol.)

I can see the reason, but Summon tokens are almost always awarded (or purchase with gems in bundles).

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Right, but I don’t understand the benefit. It’s always 300 gems for a single summon, and using an EHT instead always saves you exactly 300 gems.

The only thing I can think of is helping control your spending impulses.


emphasized text[quote=“Benn, post:922, topic:7512”]
Could you elaborate on such a situation?
Exactly as further explained by @Sleightflow

If you have sufficient gems to make say two pulls and have like 10 EHT saved towards another events, the EHT occupies the position for using gems for just 2 pulls, you can’t use those gems until you have used the EHT, technically being forced to use EHT in essence.

For me a few gems I could always get but EHT not as readily available.
So the point as explained is if I have some gems, (note that gems could be used in any summon, but EHT not on all summons), so if my EHTs are saved towards another target event, I should be able to use a few gems for summons in the current event without been constrained to use any of the saved EHT.

Would you agree that the result is the same? Or put another way, if you spend gems at Halloween and EHTs at Christmas, is that different than spending EHTs at Halloween and gems at Christmas?


I don’t know if this has been addressed but why is there a banner that is half a page long but you can only fill 5% of it. I realize I am not the sharpest tool in the shed but that makes no sense to me. If there is a good reason for this I apologize.

It appears you don’t get the point, this absolutely had nothing to do with results , but giving option to select your choice from either to use gems or coins, not definitely constrained to use one option when there are two options in one.

I don’t. That’s why I’m asking for elaboration. I understand the concept. You want this to offer the choice between EHTs and gems.

Why do you want to save the EHTs when you can just save the gems instead? I haven’t seen an answer to that, and that’s why I don’t understand why you’re asking for the functionality to change.


100% agree with Benn. Also, you still have an option to use gems for x10. I’d recommend to use it.


Well, I am not trying to justify an explanation to you personally, the category of this thread is " idea and future request, and it’s for sharing idea no matter how trivial towards improvement,
That button you highlight, when clicked could pop up an option to either use the available gem or the available EHT, giving CHOICE. It was not a functional change as wrongly perceived but an improvement.
This has been explained in many words, if you don’t support simply voice and move on.

It would be well appreciated if you could at least read the content of the thread before an outright stand for recommendation, it was said therein that there was no enough gems for 10pulls