Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)

With many work in beta about new items I had an idea: what about adding to the game rechargeable titan items?

They would only be available for titans only and they would be unique items.
They could mimick the actual items as and have a requirement to be casted again…
and said requirement would be to hit titan’s weak spot X times, performing X combos / critical strikes or such.

Some examples:

  • endless Super Antidote
  • recharges every 3 weak spot hits
  • All heroes regain 150 HP and are cured of status ailments.

  • endless Tornado
  • recharges every 20 combos
  • All heroes gain 40% mana and board is shuffled.

  • endless Miracle Scroll
  • recharges every 30 weak spot hits
  • All heroes are revived and get 400 HP


Please extend the Titan Event Log to include all hits for the duration of the Titan. We track individual hits and have to video every 7 hours or so just to get all the data before it scrolls off.

There is an entire thread dedicated to expanding Titan information (Titan Hit Counter, Better Titan Attack Stats), but I would be happy with this one fix. Just increase the line count so it covers all 22 hours. Please.


How about making it so you and the rest of your alliance can send each other food and help each other out

Merged. This has been discussed above.

Are you planning on updating the list @Petri?

And I think I have problems! I never thought about players who are “Color Blind”.
I hope SGG and their Developers will take this into Serious Consideration. Just imagine the Gaming industry buzz; “SGG Developers create a Color Blind user friendly version! This is a Gaming industry First!! …” <— Imagine how many WORLDWIDE gamers would Install and play? If I was a stock holder, or associated with SGG in any other way, besides being a mere “… dedicated!” player?.. I would be incredibly monetarily impressed. :money_mouth_face:
A real “Ground breaking development”. :smiley:

You mean like the one that is already in there?

Options -> Settings -> Color Blind Mode

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The regular-sighted folks can use it too like so:

When you are using a purple 5 stack and want to pay more attention to purple, you can turn the other colors down to halfway. It makes your chosen color pop out more. Same for a 3-2 stack, just turn down the colors you’re not using to halfway or a little more. :slight_smile:


Can this list be updated plz?


They did make one of those and it’s a nice big banner that you can’t miss, UNLESS you don’t go into the chat. The banner should appear on the main screen at the beginning of every log on into the game. A pop up just like a defeated or escaped Titan. That way your members can’t say “oh sorry, I didn’t see the message to stop.” Also make a way to get a message to a single member or all members that would also be a can’t miss pop up, but would also send a message out to your phone or device to let you know someone has sent you an important message, or have the message included in what is sent out. Such as being able to send out a request to all members that anyone with titan flags needs to get on and use them before the titans escape.

I have played many computer games, rpg, mmorph, phone games and such. The biggest killer of games other than overpricing of microtransactions is grinding. This game has many thing going for it, such as that pay to play has no substantive effect as the random roll of heroes and the large pool of heroes means that free to play player or occasional pay to play player can compete in your game.

However the grind to obtain materials is tedious and that will send many borderline players away. Keeping the borderline players paying and playing will make much money. Eliminate much of the grind. Loot tickets should be purchase-able or earnable in the game on a regular basis. Currently having them too hard to obtain (since they make the grind easier to bear) will eventually harm your bottom line.

Dear @Petri,

our ukrainian community is looking forward for any news about adding our native language to favourite game.
Could you please advise current status for this request?

Much appriciate.


Hero Sorting

Please could you add options for sorting heros by Defence, Attack and Health? It would make life so much easier when creating teams for Titans, Raids, Wars or general play.

Thank you for reading :slightly_smiling_face:

Dear @Petri , sorry for pushing.
It have past 8 monthes from the first post in this topik and no any info updates.
May be your team need some help with transletation?
There are players who can take a part for this case.


Hi @Petri,

I do agree with @Harvey as it is really important for us to have this game translated into our native language
Could you please advise if our request will be processed?


Dear administration,
We will be very thankful for any new information about adding ukrainian language to the game. Many players are looking forward to this update.



A game without a native language and discussion without dialogue… it does not look very interested on the part of the developers. Please, keep us informed at least about some progress of our request.
Thx :slight_smile:


Hi @Petri
It is very important topic with translated E&P to Ukrainian language for Ukrainian community.
Could you please advice if our request will be processed.
Best regards.


Dear @Kerridoc,
may be you can help us to get any info about our main question?
Thanks in advance.


That is so easily done. If they are absent, organise to leave, wait till your current war chest is full, (opt out of wars now) collect and just start a new alliance without the dud leader. Elect a new one.

Now if anyone has an idea of how to get rid of a virtually absent co-leader, friend of the leader, but is level 7 only, 138 cups and he only shows to throw some of his weight around, let me know as i was so close to quitting my Alliance last week, just when we are starting to get good and retaining our quality members.

A chat function between “Elders” would (clearly a logged and filtered by a SGG system) surely wouldn’t be too much of a risk? I’ve looked at a number of Alliances that I would be a good fit for and virtually all of them have either a discord or similar requirement for communication because of the limitations of E&P’s chat system which already has some pretty dubious content at times in the global/public areas.

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