Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)

This one is funny. Any battle? Like hunting?
You get a gem for every fight?
You’ll totally unbalance the game economy an take away any possible reason to play p2p.
All I would have to do is win 600 three point battles- an I get my fine gloves for my epic - wow, what a nice perk!

Oh, yes. Well, there’s two kinds of krakens, you know- below an above fifteen feet. Above fifteen feet, it would simply eat all ur fine heroes- an that would be that.
Also, there’s a marine element here- you’d have to be fighting on a boat, cause those things don’t normally hang out on land.

You want to tell the monsters on that? Personally, I think not actually Losing ur heroes is pretty good.
Also, you don’t lose your Hauberk at the bottom of a nineteen mile dungeon, as can happen in many other games.
All you really lose is a little world energy.

Not necessary. All u have to do is put up a lev 12 training camp- an u can make all the rares u like.

I don’t buy. In a real war- dead heroes are very dead. An also, pulling up info lets you look at each heroes card- if you’ve forgotten which is which.

Yer second objection, that of posting numbers, this is a problem- not only because in a war- the troops you see don’t wave flags to tell you how big an powerful they are- but the real problem is clutter.
When two powerful alliances clash- each side has thirty defence teams to attack. Permanently posting team strength reduces the battlefield to a page with lists of numbers all over it- fine if yer an accountant, but useless to a battle commander.

Very well…so, dead heroes are very dead, right? So boards should not refresh once all heroes/teams are dead! Right?!
But since realism is not priority in games, maybe convenience in today’s fast-paced world can be given some weight, right? My suggestion is intended to allow players to still be able to see the opposing heroes when they are reviewing the enemy while planning for subsequent attacks. I, same as many other players out there do not need to click on the hero’s card to know which is which :wink:

To the contrary, accountants can memorize all the numbers, most normal humans cannot; so having the power easily visible, again, facilitates life!
Ah, maybe they can also include a toggle button for PRO battle commanders, who do not need to see the teams’ power ratings. Would you buy that?

@Petri – Is there any update to this thread you could provide? with v20 coming out, it feels like a great opportunity @Sara @mhalttu @EmpiresPuzzles


Thanks for the reminder! Yes, we are indeed looking into updating this once version 20 is out (I know it’s been too long, sorry about that!).


Adding an exchange for Ascension materials would be awesome. I have needed two more warm capes to ascend Boril for 6 months.

Vlajka :slovakia: Thanks :slovakia::slovakia::slovakia::slovakia::slovakia::slovakia::slovakia::slovakia::slovakia::slovakia::slovakia::slovakia::slovakia::slovakia::slovakia::slovakia::ok_hand:

I have a suggestion for summons. When you INVEST in a large 10x summon, could you give the option to redraw? Maybe just once. A full redraw so long as no hero from that summon was modified or used. That way when you do do a 10x summon you don’t feel like you were just taking advantage of because you got 10 3* heroes. Just happened to me and cannot be more frustrated about it. This might lessen the number of complaints about the unfairness of summons? Probably not but maybe?

When can we have an update to this interesting and important thread? :slight_smile:


hello I’ve been complaining about inappropriate conversations but I see that there isn’t a blockage

where can I send a screenshot

You can block people. If you report someone, they get blocked.

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I did some searches but couldn’t find this posted before.

Simply - allow people to set up a passcode to spend gems via the settings screen. That way your kids who play can’t waste gems accidentally (eg skipping building wait times just because the button popped up) and people will stop complaining that they redeemed accidentally and get mad when being turned down a refund.

Seems like an easy fix to me!


It’s funny when they get mad about not getting refunded for their gems when their kids spend them. Why you letting your kids play anyways? Get them their own account lol. That’s what I did for my daughter (5yr old). She loves to play on her I pad when she comes home from school.

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Hello @Petri,

Could we have an update about this shortlist ? Would be cool to have some news since this post has not been updated since August…

Thanks a lot !


Will be really good to have more improvement system to complain about inappropriate nickname or alliance names. I see lots of swearing or harassment names in war and raids (especially in Russian segment of this game). And there are no way to complain about in (screenshots to send it to support really not user friendly interface). It must be in game option. Thanks

Agree, an update to this list would be nice.


My understanding is, they’re looking into making an update.

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