Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)


In the current beta, extra team slots are available at a modest :gem: cost. You’ll also be able to name them, so instead of “team 1” it can be “green Titan” or whatever.


That sounds like a good improvement.

Do you know how many or is that still a secret lol.


Since you brought it up as a better may I ask if another small sometimes annoying issue which occurs but please try to follow me here as putting it in words may sound confusing.

We currently have 5 teams we can set.
Say you set team which is used for fighting a titan and you lose so you leave till you you get flags, come back and the team you setup is already thier (great that’s tgecway it should be)
But at times for some reason it’s the defense team that shows up instead of the one which was being used for that titan.

Why does it make that sudden change for no reason?

This doesn’t only happen for titans but for map levels as well and even raids at times.

The annoying part of it is for (example) you sometimes may be at work and want to do a quick hit during lunch so in your hast you forget to check knowing you already setup a team.

I hope this makes some sense, sorry if it doesn’t.



Current max in beta is 15 team slots.


Hopefully that makes it to the game! It’s just a little convenience, but one I’m willing to pay for :wink:


Nice. Hope they make it happen soon.



Translation (Spanish): Hello everyone, a greeting from me for everyone …
I think, more than an idea, it is a wake-up call, there are many players with cheating programs, and I would like them to help those who can not pay to win.


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Translation (Russian): Perhaps it is worth adding training battles between players of the alliance, similar to raids.


+1. Totally agreed. And totally tried to fill the character limit


IT’S 4 by the way…


I’m new to this game, but I have become addicted, lol. I was thinking maybe a way to trade recourses, heroes, etc., with alliance members would be a great feature.


It would be nice if we could exchange heroes like cards with alliance members


Suggestion, I think it would be be helpful if you made it to where Alliance members can send help for : constructions, research, etc. a lot of the time I find myself with nothing to keep me playing the game, I run out of options relatively quick. Thank you.


This is just a throw away idea that could actually work quite well.
As you know, everyone is complaining about the alliance wars and how the opponent is selected.
My idea is this.
Continue with the wars score but instead of selecting the opponent for them, I think it would be a good idea if the alliance leaders can challenge other alliances. When challengedyou get 24 hours to accept but if you don’t respond you will automatically be selected as the opponent for that war. By allowing the leaders to challenge other alliances you will also remove all the complaints about it being unfairly matched. Those who have opted out don’t appear on the list.


Alliance can share resources and heros. Kind of a take a penny leave a penny deal



This idea is very common here. No chance. Please read the first post before posting. Thanks


Is it possible to do that a few farms transform to a barn, and to have a chance exchange heroes in alliance?

🎂 It's Staff Appreciation Day aka 'Petri Day'!
Training kamps / hero aquiring

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Is it possible to do that a few farms transform to a barn, and to have a chance exchange heroes in alliance?


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