Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)


Instead of rewriting Alliance Wars, why not create / expand raids to make teams of 3* or 4* max heroes, similar to the way challenge events work?

I built up a small bench of 3* just to play the rare challenge events, but now it’s feeling like a waste of space. I haven’t found any satisfying way to use them outside of three days every other month.


Hi, I’m from one of the many catalan speaking alliances, and we would like to ask if you’d consider adding Catalan as a language and the Catalonia flag in the alliance settings. We are all currently displaying English as our alliances language, which leads to confusion for players looking for a new alliance. Thank you for your understanding.


I really like this idea. Of course there are new s2 3* heroes, so there would be a market for it, as it were! :wink:


Agreed a merch/barter/ trade system within alliance good idea!!!


Anyone know what the mystery awards are? Gotten three and got nada!!!


It would be awesome, ppl would still spend $$… What do you think the person selling a hero, Ascension material, ingredients, weapons etc etc on? They are selling to get gems… To spend gems. Just like we work for $$, to spend


I like most of the improvements so far, but please and i think i speak for all leaders…(i know it is asked before) but please we need after titan results also how many flags members used. Now you can look back till 12hours before.
Why not just as your war improvements: used flags after people score.

greetings Darth


This is already avalible if you have your barricks. To get a barricks your Stronghold must be at level 10 and you need a level 5 forge to convert.
Hope this helps. :smile:


So, I had a request for the development team. It’s not anything crazy, but I was wondering if it was possible to get some sort of hero punch card? I find myself in the chat quite often with my alliance members and we are discussing different heroes from the game, but some of them (heroes of the month, special event heroes, season 2 heroes, etc…) Aren’t in the summoning portal at the time, so we have to try to remember the heroes name (and spell it correctly) plus explain their special attack or their stats and the only other option from trying to memorize that stuff is to actually change the player’s defense team to include the hero so they can check it out, which is a pain and it really stinks if you forget to change the hero back. What i mean by punch card, is like a viewing area that shows all of the heroes released so far. I was thinking, if the player viewing the heroes HAS the hero, it is colored in, if not, maybe it is black and white, or there can be a little check mark or something. The benefit this would have for the players would be convenient, amd awesome, but for the developers, I feel it would be equally beneficial because a lot of players would see what heroes they don’t have, and which ones they do, an it would inspire a “collect them all” feeling in us. Plus allow us to view hero stats, hero names and colors, and encourage excitement for collecting beyond just building teams to use in combat. Thanks for your time amd consideration!


Another name for this would be a ‘Hero Checklist’ and maybe it could say some additional info, like where the hero can be obtained. Like “season II” or “Hero of the month” or “anywhere”


@Devilution - I like this idea as I’ve had the same frustrations. Perhaps something like the summons portal they have now. Maybe add an ‘all heroes’ filter, etc.

Regardless, the 7DD alliance has a great website with all the heroes listed. You can share this with your alliance members so they can look the heroes up as they need:


Thank you for the link! That is extremely helpful. Hopefully something in-game can be worked out too. There’s something fun about 'collect ‘em all’ and it adds another goal for veteran players. I think it would really increase the developer’s revenue too.


When viewing heroes, you can click on the magnifying glass to see their full image…nice but hardly useful :wink:

How about another tab that shows you the hero’s maxed stats…these are already available for devs, so should take little effort to code but would give players a better idea of the heroes they are developing.

Also, if we want to give value to aesthetics, why not implement the magnifying glass option also on heroes in the summon tab or in the roster of other players so we can enjoy the nice pictures of all heroes and not only the ones we have in our stable?! :wink:


Will it ever be possible to level up your troops?


Yes, you can do that already. When your Stronghold gets to level 10, you can select any other level 5+ building (use a Forge) and select Convert then choose Barracks. In the Barracks you can level up troops using other troops, very similarly to how you level up heroes.


How’s about making PVP less RNG in nature. It’s enfuriating when you both have one character left, yours is actually stronger, has more health… But your board gives you no means of attacking the enemy character, they automagically get mana, and enough time passes without you getting anything to charge the Nana of your character that THEY get full mana, and nuke you in to oblivion with one health left. That’s not fun, that’s cause enough to get me to stop playing.


Hawkmoon needs a buff. She is the weakest healer in the game. Belith has very similar stats but is more effective because she removes enemy buffs. Hawkmoon should also have the ability to either raise your teams attack or decrease the other teams attack.


Agreed, as a coloured blind player these changes would help a great deal towards knowing what is what.

This also foes for the ring around the heros when leveling as I constantly need to bring up each heros profile to see what element they are due to the colour around the border being so closely matched.

I also understand this problem doesn’t make sense to those without a colour blindness issue but the take the word of someone with colour blindness that is is a major big problem whilst playing this game and surely asking to have this problem fixed would take the devs a few minutes and isn’t asking for any game changes in the way it’s played so why is it so hard to have this rectified.


I agree it would be nice to have an extra button you click on to see that heros max stats as it would save having to constantly having to look it up elsewhere each time or ask someone.


When viewing the heroes (and maybe also troops), please please please give us the option whether we want the heroes (and maybe also troops) that are included in teams to show on top or show in the same order as other heroes. I (and many other players) know exactly which heroes form part of which team and sometimes I just wish/need to see the heroes simply in order of power or colour (without having to scroll up and down to see also those on top, forming part of teams 1 to 5).
This could just be a toggle button on top…pleeeease pleeeease pleeeease :wink: :wink: