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After time and earning respect you will trusted and get higher level in the forum. Anytime then you will be able to start own threads


Titan Energy
After a Titan is destroyed or vanished alliance members should have 3/3 titan energy. I also suggest that ya’ll add Titan energy refills in the diamond store. That would add revenue to the Dev’s plus give more of a fighting chance to alliances who fight 5+ star Titans.


The store does include in the Specials the occasional Drink Pack that includes 3 Alliance flasks plus raid and world flasks. I disagree with the idea of automatically resetting all titan flags to 3 at the start of each titan. Part of the “sustainability” of a titan level is finishing it off quickly enough so that everyone is at full energy for the next.


In the original rollout announcement there was an opt out of the Alliance Wars mentioned. There are a lot of people in my alliance that are tired of this and would not mind leaving this part of the game to just focus on titans. Was the opt out abandoned?


hello sir… i think this game must update logo ‘flag’ for all country include flag of Malaysia… cz too many user malaysian has been play this game… thank hope consider.


This topic should be in handy for alliances:


We should beable to reduce the time of an ugrade by paying whatever amount of gems we have if we dont have the full amount to finish the build or upgrade.


No you can’t complete a 11350 gem training for example. Thats not possible


Please read my suggestion again dancer you gave has nothing to do with my suggestion


So if I understand your idea, if a building has 2 days left to go and would cost 1000 gems to hurry it along, then if you spent 500 gems you could shorten the wait time to 1 day? You could of course simply wait a day, and then tomorrow you can rush it for 500. Your builder frees up at the same time either way.


Yes it would be a nice option but why would you for example spend 200gems to cut short say 2 hrs when you still have say 8hrs or a day or more to go. Waste of money m8 and gems are just that MONEY. Spend it on getting heros if have gems to waste.


Thank you for the updates you all have made! The gameplay is amazing!

My suggestion is to be able to swipe through your heroes versus looking at one. Clicking the ‘X’ and opening the next hero. I think it would be easier for comparison.


Ok thanks for the feed back


Small suggestion but I think it’s useful. When I short my team of a colour, I don’t do damage when I match those colours in the Raids. So, if a team I’m up against shorts themselves of a colour, they get no penalty. I was thinking that you could prevent their mana from growing if they take a hit from the colour they have removed.



I’m not exactly sure how to make a suggestion on here as I cannot find a place to write my own but after scrolling and reading yours a few people on my alliance and others that I’ve talked to in the chat rooms think that gifting might be a good idea only within your alliance. I don’t think you should be able to gift heroes or anything like that but Ascension material or ingredients or even food in iron should not hurt Empires and puzzles I know a lot of people that have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on this game including myself and my wife I think that you should be able to gift materials or ingredients within your alliance only. It would also promote better communication within alliances along with promoting great teamwork I know that I have talked with a lot of people and they agree I don’t know if I agree with trading Heroes but what you said might be a good idea also if you want to trade a hero or one of your teammates wants what you have maybe they should pay what you paid for them but on the other hand I think it would be harmless and there are a lot more Pros than cons with being able to gift Ascension material ingredients food and iron and such I think it is a great idea all around when you weigh the pros and cons I think you will come up with the same conclusion!


There’s much more pros… For you and for the one you trade with, but all this is a missing chance for SG making money withth their game when somebody purchase gems.

If you trade hero for gems for example you think it is good because why spend on the spawn, when you can spend on an alliance member. What you not habe thought of that this alliance member who get you his hero, will then not spend money for gems. So it will cut the wins in half.

I will say it to everybody. This system will not gotta arrive here… Never. Believe me.


They should be more team slots then 5 just because you don’t want to lose your othere heroes by accident by upgrading your heroes


If you click on the hero cards, you’ll see a little grey padlock icon at the top left. Click on that so it closes and turns white, and you add the hero to your favorites so you can’t feed it away by accident.
You can do the same with troops too.


It is necessary to make a market in the game, the ability to exchange or sell unnecessary heroes