Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)

One of the Forges gets converted into a Barracks to level up troops. You have 3 after that.

You will need multiple iron storages to build your stronghold and other buildings to lvl 20.

Maybe an Idea for Smallgiant to gain more money/gems and to customize more. How about customize not only Characters, but also the alliance banner? Would be great if you named like Dark Archangels, that you can have an heaven Background an an Angel picture :slight_smile:

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Translation (Portuguese): It would be nice if the glove item that is used in the 4-star hero’s ascension could be dropped in the highest provinces type from province 18 or that has more events where it can be dropped off.

Hey how about a WAR chest… and fix the loot on the titan chests… I dont mind the crap outa the chests I fill 2 times a day but the titan chest should have a bit more in them

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I suggest if it will be possible to have more players to add in alliance


I would really like to see who is online in my alliance. If I have a question that needs a quick response it would be great to check the alliance tab to see if anyone is even playing before posting and crossing fingers or a response.

Sometimes you can see when you visit the war tab, but that’s not always available. You could just add a dot to their avatar within the alliance list, highlighting those currently playing.


OK, disagree some, agree some. :slight_smile: But I do have questions. Why don’t the ends in Titan battles count? Couldn’t you make the titan have more hit points and make the whole board count?

Having trouble making a new post. Please confirm as to whether this message was received within two days if possible, otherwise I’ll assume it didn’t get read or make it through. Anyway, if you have two builders…can you make it so that if you ha e two builders you can assign both to one updmgrade to cut time in half?


Message posted, and it’s a good thought.

This is a great freaking idea. So simple but so necessary for common knowledge for in game convenience. Lol

Have you tried locking the heroes you want to keep? That way you don’t accidentally use them as food for another hero you are leveling.

I see your post, Xero. :slight_smile:

I do agree with you. It’d be nice to have 6 slots.

Actually discovered this not thay long ago lol it’s been a heap of help

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I am reading all I can :grin:

As a new way to level Heroes, why not award them XP when they are used in teams, including titan battles, quests, wars, and/or raids? It would add a new element to the game. Have you considered that? Thx


Add to alliance leaders possibility to add to players inner alliance names like aristocratic title (free to text what needed) like “War champ”, “Lurker” etc.


Add to war loot new items like “Scroll of experience” which after activated by alliance leader will give everyone in alliance additional 10% of experience in next two hours.

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And finally name that chat in the game “Experienced 20+ (no ads)” and there will no more questions about ads in that chat. Because for everyone who only going in the game it is looks like as chat where you can find 20+ players to his alliance. And nowhere stated that no ads. And all fuss from players looks not good in that case because people do not must go to external resources to find somewhere that someone said “in that chat must be no ads”. Thank you

Any chance of making the war rewards a little better? Even if you’re the top scorer, it seems as if the best stuff you get are basic items you can already obtain through missions and crafting.

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