Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)

I dunno, considering all the complaining I’ve read over six months of “why don’t we have a second builder? Why does Stronghold construction count since it takes so long? Why can’t we get a building or tokens or something that reduces the time?”…I think that it DID need to be addressed. I don’t think I’m going to second guess them as to timing; weren’t they adding new content?

I understand the disappointment of “hey, I wanted this earlier when I would have profited from it more!” I do NOT understand the selfishness of “since I didn’t get it, you shouldn’t either!”



I’m not too bothered by the long construction times myself. And they were adding new content indeed - something that would definitely have priority in my eyes.

I still think the same though, would prefer new content / other features to have more priority over this one :slight_smile: And considering a lot of time has passed, I’d say this issue has now become less pressing for a lot of people. You can call it selfish, I’m alright if it is actually, but I’d rather have them working on things that improve the game for everyone rather than only for newer players.

If you see how much effort a lot of the veteran players already put into making the game easier/better for newer players I wouldn’t call it selfish - they clearly want to improve the game for new people and help them out to get them through the game without making the same mistakes. Don’t think it is too much to ask for new improvements to not just be geared towards those as well then. :slight_smile:


I see something to look forward too :slight_smile: A second builder is greatly welcome to my kingdom!


Ah forgive Loorts; I look at the statement, not pointing fingers at particular people. When the statement is “me first”, or “if it doesn’t help me, it’s not valuable and shouldn’t be done”…well, you can see where I might get that idea. :wink:

goes back under the couch


Fully understand and it’s definitely a valid point.

I just tried to explain the other point of view a bit more :slight_smile:


I think a lot more of the current player base falls into the category of people who would benefit from a 2nd builder. Unless I read the post wrong, 2nd builder wasn’t the only thing under the category of things being worked on immediately. Alliance wars are coming, a season 2 is coming, so it’s not like they aren’t working on stuff for the entire fan base to enjoy.


Could simply do some small loyalty boost for their older players every now and then. Like for instance on the anniversary of the game’s inception gift X gems per month of playing the game to the players. Just random idea off the top of my head.

But it’s also worth to keep in mind that older players who have their SH20s finished and all probably were playing in the good old times when ascension items were easier to get. Or so I heard, I wasn’t born yet in those times :wink:


Don’t know where you heard that - I’ve been playing since about february and the last couple of updates have made it way easier to get them via titans/rare quests and the added the rare chests and events. Should be easier in the future still with even with more ways to get them (so yay, progress!) :slight_smile:

I like your idea though!


It would appear then that I’ve fallen victim to a gossip! :rofl: I’ve heard it said all over these forums. Something about rare quests being a weekly occurrence or some such :slight_smile:

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It was for three chests in a row, for me. If not weekly, then very close.

But the game always seems to put out Ascension materials somewhere; if I don’t have rare chests, I’m getting mats thru Mystic Vision, when that dries up, i get Titan loot drops.

So long as the ascension mats keep coming, I don’t mind from which corner of the game they come. :wink:


Simple solution let building go to a number higher than 20 so everyone can use a 2nd builder. To coincide maybe with the release of the 2nd map based quest or in some other way that the long timers (I’ll have almost everything to level 20 by end of year, certainly the most important ones by then) can at least leverage it and keep their ‘head start.’


You have to remember, the vast majority of players, like any other popular game, do not visit these forums, or discuss hero lineups, or do anything other than play. These players collectively spend a large amount and a simple thing like a 2nd builder would make many of them stick around more often. Things like return chances at the most powerful HOTM (e.g. Hel) are also awesome.

Also remember, the closer you get to the top, it becomes a game of diminishing returns - e.g. if you have two strong 80s in each color, then you’re going to benefit less from pretty much all the changes unless it’s crafting changes than someone who only has a team of 70s.


Sería muy útil agregar un modo daltónico, para poder diferenciar mas fácil el elemento de los enemigos y de las fichas con forma de dragones hechas con combinación de 4 y diamantes de 5. Si agregan el símbolo del elemento seria bueno.

It would be very useful to add a colorblind mode, to be able to differentiate easier the element from the enemies and the tokens in the shape of dragons made with combination of 4 and diamonds of 5. If you add the symbol of the element, it would be good.

“Google translate”


I disagree. While I am closing in on stronghold 20 (just building 18 right now) I would LOVE IT if the rest of the newer members of my alliance could have the ability to build twice as fast as me. That would mean that they could level up faster and be stronger and we can take out tougher Titans together. Yeah it sucks that those of us who committed to this game 8 months ago didn’t get this opportunity but still your alliance is only as strong as your weakest player. Second builder, yes, lets get this going. Glad it’s on the do list!


The symbols are on the tiles. Do you mean add symbols to the enemy heroes?

Los símbolos están en los azulejos. ¿Quieres decir agregar símbolos a los héroes enemigos?

Claro, pero los simbolos en los circulos de los enemigos no estan, tampoco en diamantes o dragones.

Sure, but the symbols in the circles of the enemies are not, neither in diamonds or

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I mean, are you asking for the enemies to be more clearly marked for color-blind people, so that the element colors are clear?

Quiero decir, ¿estás pidiendo que los enemigos estén más claramente marcados para las personas daltónicas, para que los colores del elemento sean claros?

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Exacto! Los enemigo y los azulejos especiales.

Exact! The enemies and the special tiles.

O en la información del enemigo.

Or in the enemy’s information.


I agree, and it really goes both ways. Yes, the old player may not reap the benefits of a second builder but the newer players cannot get the old heroes of the month, at least for a long time. In the end it more than balances out.


My opinion is that a new builder is a great ideea but to be fairly to everyone this one can be started after lvl 20 stronghold like other things on this game that you can’t build or start them as soon as you made your account.

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