Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)


What I would really appreciate, would be something like an alliance account for iron and food, where every member of the alliance can donate and the alliance can buy special items for titan fights or wars. Just wanted to share this idea, may you will like it


Part of me would welcome the ability to empty my Iron out, but part of me would kind of resent the fact that I had to struggle for every building advancement I made on my account and this would make it extremely easy for people to obtain the iron needed to advance their buildings. This in addition to the double builder would make maxing out your keep pretty easy.

It may not be a rational feeling, but it’s my feeling. I worked extremely hard to max out my keeps and I think that struggle is an important part of the game. This game is meant to be a grind and a difficult climb to finish your keep. I think it should stay that way.

Also, the agony of having full Iron or Full Ham while your buildings are in construction really lets you know that you have made some planning mistakes. That goes away with the sharing of Ham/Iron between accounts. These are just my thoughts and opinions.


I’d like to see about implementing xp points to raids. This is the perfect platform to gain experience and it makes sense to earn points through this method.


How about a Hero with two colors. Gets both the strengths and weakness of both, and the special would be a 50/50 chance of one color or the other.


Suggestion about families: add them to core heroes to add more team building depth.


  • Elena, Richard, Vivica, Layla
  • Carver, Needler, Skittleskull
  • Nashgar, Boldtusk, Gormek
  • Boril, Kiril, Melendor



Please consider an overhaul of the training camp



can you add the # of hits each player does to a titan? we have the total damage dealt but i think it would be a nice tool for alliance leaders to measure each members activity level


I would like to see this game on amazon fire tablets


Not only for alliance leaders. I am counting attacks every day and should have already asked for this feature. Thanks for mentioning.


Didn’t find this request. It would be great to have a button to see max characteristics when viewing heroes, cause there are many heroes that are not in store, or appear there only during events.


In watchtower, I would like revenge raid button not the same color for a revenge not made and a revenge already played one time and lost


to add function to demolish the building, sometime click wrongly


Do you mean you select the wrong building when expanding your base? If so, there is no wrong selection really. We all have the same amount of each building type when our bases are expanded. I don’t think there is a reason to demolish a building…


There is no point having a ‘delete building’ button. Everyone gets the same building options at the same stronghold levels. You don’t have to create a particular building, but the only real choices are which order you build them in, or alternately to not build one at all. You don’t get different options if you choose different buildings. At the end of the building, everyone will have 9 farms, 5 iron storages, 4 food storages, 4 mines, 4 training camps, 4 forges, 4 houses, and the stronghold and watchtower.
Later on there is also the choice of which of those buildings to make into a barracks, but that’s pretty much certain to be a forge as the best pick.


During the second set of flags in war how about being able to change to defense team one time. Switching heroes and/or moving placement of them.

I have noticed some people can’t return to the second half of the battle so how about where you could gift a flag to another player. So it wouldn’t run wild something like “Only be able to gift one flag during a battle and being able to receive one flag as a gift during a battle”.


A simple feature might be to offer a “scroll to last read” in the alliance chat. Similar to the way Google Hangouts does. It already tells us the number of messages left. However, if you have a very active or chatty alliance as I do, it would be very helpful.



I agree! I have a very hard time getting any 3* and up ascension materials. I’m not about to trade anything I have for something else. I have an easier time of getting scopes than I do compasses and gloves. I know I have a dozen heros waiting on both of those. I might be I interested in trading one scope for 10 compasses. They should make all 3* ascension materials farmable. Boots and scabbards started dropping at Provinces 12 and up, the rest could start at 20 and up or at 12 just like the others do.


How about an item or something that would allow limited production increase of iron or food. There are times where you need more of the basics and quickly, it would be nice if you could bump up the speed sometimes.


You can buy this. Look in your gem shop.