Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)

Second builder sounds like a good idea, especially for new player, making the game more newbie friendly amd this game definitely needs more new player.
What negative effect would it cause? I fail to see why would anyone go against that.

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Cause the vets are going to whine and moan and groan that since it doesn’t benefit them and they had to grind it out that new people should have it just as tough…which in my opinion is the dumbest argument against improving something you can ever make…


I don’t see the harm of a second builder. What is the actual rationale against one? The real reason(s)? :thinking:


Good afternoon @Petri,

I would like to know the status of this proposal "Alternate formations in raids "

I’ve cheked the list in your first post and I’ve found nothing about it (or I think so). Are you considering it? or have you discard it?. I’m really interest in it.

Thank you very much, and sorry for any disturbance. :sweat_smile:


Or perhaps, the second builder could be added in again at a time when the long term players have some new higher level content. (specificially SH increase, and new buildings added.) This type of content should come eventually!


Hi Earnil! Actually, this is one of the features that falls under the category “considering, but not working on currently”. I’ll add it to the list.


I would be afraid players level up real fast and then they feel there’s nothing to accomplish anymore, so they leave the game. I find building times long, but at least they’re clear. You know how long upgrading a certain building will take, so you know what level your buildings will be next month.

What frustrates me is the ascension materials. You can wait for months for a certain one and still not have it. But worse, you don’t have a clue if it is going to drop for you in the months to come.


My experience with ascension materials is they come from all directions in the game:

  • Titan Drops
  • Wanted Chests*
  • Rare (purple) Wanted Chests
  • Mystic Vision
  • Rare Quests

There’s no one source. And I find the sources shift over time, but the materials always come. This was this morning (Titan Wanted Chest):

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I’m playing for about 4-5 months and have only 1 tonic and 3 of each other ascension materials for 5* heroes from rare quests and game store :roll_eyes: and no good visions for me … maybe i spend too much and devs don’t want me to complete my 5* heroes?

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It may not be a frequent request, but as an achievement connoisseur of… well, as long as they’d been a thing in games, I must shamelessly plug my achievement beg-thread cause me wants :frowning:

Maybeeee if I campaign enough one day they shall become… achievable.


Outside the guaranteed rare quests the one source of rarer ascension items (i.e. those that can’t be found on the world map) always seems to be the elemental wanted missions (kill 150 of a certain color mission) for me. I have yet to not get at least one, and in most cases seem to get both a 3* and 4* item, though the color never really lines up with the monsters killed (meaning I may get an orb (a yellow ascension item) on a red chest).

Shockingly, anecdotally, I seem to get more per occurrence from mystic vision since the latest version update. I can’t imagine this is the intent and I say anecdotally because I have’t been tracking it, but assuming I complete 3 wanted missions a day in some mix of monster and raid chests, I feel like despite the more frequent opportunity the return is greater (again, per occurrence) from mystic vision for which maybe I watch 3 every 2 days or so. I’ll just chalk it up to good luck since it’s much, much less work to watch mystic vision :slight_smile:

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Can we add improved info/stats on titans somewhere on this list to see whether it is considered? :slight_smile:

^TL;DR: show more info; who hit titan how many times, average hit per member etc.

Edit: In order to not clog up this thread even more I’ll add this in my edit. Can we also get some info on whether we’ll ever get daily login-rewards? (see thread below)

^TL;DR: get a better and increasing reward every day you log on per month.


A second builder is exactly what this game seem to be balanced for. The build times are one thing but if you stop to raid players (unless quest is up) two weeks in because you always stay at cap for food and iron something is very wrong and a much bigger problem than if it takes 5 or 8 months to complete all buildings (Not half because I assume that with two builders you would be short on resources at some point).

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As a player of many phone games over the years, I really like this forum. One of the better communities albeit a small one. I love everything in the “strong chance to make it” group. For the people that think a second builder is not great because I am already maxed, I have no idea why you would even think like this. Without the growth or some sort of “catch up mechanic” games like this would just die out. The second builder is to help get people to the end game and make it through the excruciating farm time. It also helps you get your last few building maxed out before a possible “expansion” or furthering of new building/areas to build on. Sure, give older players some sort of extra for playing as long as they have. Trading is always a rough subject on mobile games like this, but the idea of using extra resources and and materials into a gift for friends/alliance members is great. Puzzles and Dragons recently released trading but it was monsters (heroes in this game) that weren’t bought with money (farmable ones used for evolving [ascending]. So what I’m saying is if we are going to have a trading feature in this game, it would have to have a goal. Maybe the “gifts” are training heroes or after many many trades, a rare ascencion item of choice maybe. Something that shouldn’t be easy to accomplish, but still worthwhile for the feature. Auto play feature for levels we have already beat, AMAZING idea. Nothing is worse than farming a level using all your stamina just to wait for the few items you need to craft your battle stuff. Alliance message of the day or “pinned” message is also a great idea. Would help a lot with communication throughout alliances. Also, might help alleviate the necessity of many alliances using 3rd party chat apps. Battling alliance members for no energy is a great idea as well. It would let people test out many new teams or possible combos that they are wondering about. It would also keep people playing the game longer in between energy recouping. I don’t know how I feel about Alliance leaders giving rewards. That is a recipe for favoritism or just helping out real life friends over others in alliance I feel. I am still fairly new to the game (2-3 months) but I am enjoying how actually strategic it has become. I like the things that are in the works. I hope this becomes another game that I play for an extremely long time! Sorry for the book that I wrote, but I’m glad to be part of this right now =P


Really appreciate the update from the Dev’s on expectations and like what I’m hearing. One more thought to add…

Our alliance has one member in particular (whom shall remain nameless) that tends to have particularly bad timing with his leveling up. Seems to happen when his energies are full or hasn’t attacked titan, etc…just sort of sneaks up on him. while the new way our XP is shown really helps those who watch it, we had another suggestion: Could we receive flasks instead of just filling the energies?

this would keep in the spirit of the level up benefits, but at least give us the ability to potentially use them at a more beneficial time in our game play.

sorry if this has been suggested before - i check this forum, but not constantly.


It has, but it is still a great idea, especially as how rare level ups are

especially as you get to higher and higher levels when it takes significantly longer to level up…stinks to mess it up after all that time!


And the benefits of levelling are minimal


Second builder - first priority? Why? This option does not give us anything new. It just reduces time for reaching 20 levels of building. Maybe, it is easier to reduce the building time itself instead of hardworking on useless features?
What is needed indeed, it is possibility to sell, buy and transform ingredients into each over, imho…

The game was designed with a second builder possible. Due to it not working with iOS, the feature was removed from both Android and iOS versions for fairness. I’m thrilled they will be bringing this back.


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