Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)

@Fantamus You posted my wave counter idea! Thank you. (Won’t even complain that you beat me to it.)
Put it in the lower corner by battle items.

2 more small visual changes:

Move enemy turn counter to center of life bar. Character overlap covers it sometimes.

Remove black highlight around hit point numbers. It blocks out life bar position.

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Any update on bringing back previous HOTMs?

Previously there had been some discussion regarding not bringing back some of the Heroes from last year, but not by E&P staff–Just rumors. Being that they just brought back the bunnies with improvements, I’d suspect that there is a good chance that the heroes from last year should be available in the future.

Thanks @Otto0000, I have 4 5*s close to final ascension and it would be a shame to spend those hard earned mats, then have the previous HOTMs available a few weeks later.

Any transparency from the devs/staff would be greatly appreciated.

It’s not an accident that many top players have Hel, Alby, Ares, and Athena. I’ve gotten to #2 globally but it’s hard to stay there without the top cards.

Actually there has been confirmation from the devs that they intend to make the previous HotM available somehow this year. It’s in Coppersky’s interview thread below. There’s never been more info forthcoming to date.


Got it. Thanks for the info @Paulon! Love the sometime in the next year… Just enough info to keep you intrigued but not enough to make a decision… Lol.

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Be good to have a spectate mode during alliance wars so you can watch your guild members attack or defend


Or a trade shop available to all players. A player can let’s say wants to sell crafting items puts it in shop for iron ( just an example ) and first in first serve any 1 can buy it so there is no pick and choose who you sell your items to or who buys it. And you have to be vip to enter the shop or have a shop pass for a month ( have to purchase the pass ) different to the vip

Yes, war matchups need fixed desperately! We’re facing a team with a +13,000 pt differential. That’s insane.

No, I agree. My Alliance has a very vocal leader and Elders - It’s a horrible pain to try and properly discuss tactics with only four words showing at a time to reweiw what you are writing.

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Regarding item trading/sales: take a note from Diablo III, Blizzard had to shut the auction house down completely after a glitch enabled some players to create millions if gold which they then cashed out for real money. It’s not exactly the same, since there is no “cash-out”, but even in this case it’s not something which any app or game which utilizes in app purchasing can simply do. Even without a glitch, you’ve likely noted gem costs are static when purchasing them, but fairly random when using them.
Gems can be purchased at the cost of money, but can be used to buy Iron, Gold, fight refills, expedited training and building, but most significantly here special offer packages with ascension materials. Whatever the case, trading and buying from other players even as mediated by the devs will require devs to change a whole lot of things, and perhaps even file legal/financial paperwork.
It turns the app developers into heads of a small-publicly traded corporation of sorts, and requires players to be more specifically monitored.

The same thing happened in Gemstone III a long time ago, but I don’t think they shut anything down. I am not even certain the game is around anymore. I eventually changed my PW to a super long hexadecimal that there is no way I could recall and logged out one day. I was one of the top players in the game at the time.

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Since we are give 6 war flags for alliance wars to fight with we should be able to have a 6th team slot so we can have 6 teams set instead of 5


Retaliation attack damage is rediculous and is way to strong. I agree

What about making it so you can interchange or replace building types. For instance, what if I setup too many mining buildings, and want to switch a few out for farms???

You can’t. Everyone gets the exact same buildings, at the same stronghold levels. The only variable is which building you use to convert to a barracks at stronghold level 10 so you can level troops.

Need easier ways to get diamonds and when you reach a certain level to start getting the higher ranked troops & Fighters

How about the ability to take sets of troops that you have multiple of and combine them to strengthen them as you level up?

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Could you be more specific? Are you talking about something different than what can be accomplished in the Barracks?

ok…I mean taking say 5 one star set of troops and combining them into a two star set of troops or 7 two star sets of troops to get 1 three star set of troops.

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