Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)

I so much agree with your points 1 and 2.
But maybe a 4* ascension item for TC13 is also in order…I have so far pulled some 25x 3* from TC13…is that frustrating?? Nooooooo!!oooooo!!! :wink:

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I ran two TC13’s. Although I ultimately got four 4* from them, it took 36 days (72 pulls!) before I saw my first 4*.

It’s why many are racing for a TC20 (or two or four!); the drop rate for 4* appears to be better and there is further a chance for 5*.

(I don’t regret my TC13’s, but I’m glad to be on my next phase with the TC20’s.) :slight_smile:


I could see 4* items in TC13 and 5* in TC20.

You’re off by a star. Telescopes are 4* items, capes are 3*.

Maby it is me but the topic of this thread:
“Shortlist of Frequent Request ( Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)”

I did look on this thread for the staff to give some information to us members of the game and forum, so we could see what they att the time is working whit and keep us in the loop.

It starts well whit thanks for info posting but then posting whit new requests posting starts coming and the discussion starts for and againt and we are way past the topic of the thread.

Is it any of the last 20 posting that know what is written in the 1. posting?

It is time that we are litle more disciplined on the topics of the thread so we maby don’t have the same discution in every thread.

I use my elite training (RT13/ TC13) for hoarding 24.8 million food at Stronghold 18.
Hoarding recruits and food

But am also looking forward to more 4* heroes in legendary training (RT20/ TC20).

If the Devs wanted, they could remove all requirements for ascension materials and grinding. But F2P MMOs stay in business with daily grinding.

I love Empires because I can skip playing for a few weeks while on vacation/ crunch time/ sick and when I come back, each one of my extra low cost training ( RT11/ TC11) is filled with 168 heroes to level up my team.



Well I just learned something new today. Definitely remembering this for when I finally get my SH and TC that high.


I went through the first season. When I defeated the last boss, the emotions were enormous. The last fight - interesting. And after the fight … embarrassment, anger, disappointment … how could you not make any rewards? even a gray token? If this is the end of the second season, I promise to remove the game. PS -
of course, you can allocate an outstanding prize for the 1st season - some people do not see the sense of completion.


That happens more at the beginning than with much less frequency as you level up, to almost nonexistent.

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I’ve got ideas for 2nd season. I think that once you have completed 1st season and sh is at lvl 20 you can create a building to increase your heroes max skill to more than 8. Or bring out crafting potions/banners to increase their max skill.

Also a respawn banner/potion for all heroes, or even just one, that when used your hero can automatically respawn if knocked out.

Dragon elixir that fills both mana and health to full would be handy to XD

How about a way to destroy a building you dont want anymore?

No need as everyone gets the same buildings. Destroying a building would only give you a vacant spot for you to rebuild the same building


I’m sure GoFundMe would frown on this type of fundraising need…

If I look pathetic enough with my tin cup, my husband might spring for another iTunes card… :grin:

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Ciao volevo chiederti mio figlio a fatto un altro profilo di gioco tenendo stessa imail e mi a cancellato il mio principale come si fa per riaverlo e cancellare il suo

With Easter, Mother’s Day ( don’t know if this holiday is considered “Techie” enough even though my wife graduated from MIT), Father’s Day and Graduations coming up, a lot of places will have discounts on iTunes cards and Google Play store ( Best Buy, Amazon, etc. ) so you can buy a $100 card for $70- $90 USD depending on the discount.


Heck, I’m happy with a $20 card! :grin:

I have paid the 365 days VIP pass. It’s a good deal but not convenient for players to collect the gems every day. Could you change it to every day login collecting, like the winter event?

I’m not sure it’s practical to lay out 365 days on a calendar for you to collect; I do want to know how long a player has to collect daily…24 hours?

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