Shorten waiting time for a Titan when killed early

Edit: added suggestion 2

Titans always appear at the same time no matter when you killed the last one. This hinders the alliance progress, if the titan tends to appear in the middle of the night. By the time we get to hit the titan, it’s too late and we can’t move on to a better titan even when we have the power to take it down.

Suggestion 1: Make the titan appear 1-2 hours after the last one was killed, but no earlier than 12 hours after it appeared. That way the alliances wouldn’t be able to farm the titans, because there would be max 2 titans a day.

Suggestion 2: Make the next titan appear 2 hours earlier than it would, if the previous one escaped, but no less than 1 hour after the previous one was killed.

Main reasons:

  1. Alliance will be able to slightly affect the time when the next titan appears, giving them a better chance at taking down the next one.
  2. Titan battles would get more attractive. The alliance would get a chance to plan the attack. Player who lost interest in titans would be more motivated to participate
  3. Alliances wouldn’t fall apart so easily because of titans, because the battles would be less pointless

I believe they’re every 23 hours, so after a couple of titans, they will be in your night, and gradually move through your day cycle. (This is an attempt to be fair to all time zones.) That is, titans appear every 23 hours, regardless of how fast you kill them. If they are not dead at 22 hours, they run away, and you get a new one an hour later.


My bad, I wasn’t entirely sure of the system.

Still, there’s no way to affect the time it appears and some people in the alliance see no point in playing the titan, which leads to fights and members leaving.

It would be a reward for killing the titan early and would motivate players to participate

The biggest reward (at the moment) for finishing early is that everybody has 3 flags to hit the titan with when the new one comes.


Seriously… can SG consider the titan waiting time to be reduced to 2 hours max?.. Really s***ks to have to wait for 4 hours… and you have only max 3 hits :sob:.

Can you pleeeeeaaaase consider for 2020? Thank you.

Considering there’s times we kill 14* titans within first 5 hours of spawn, i doubt SG will allow us to collect more loot that quickly

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I am confused… if the titan escape at 10.00 AM, the next one will appear at 11.00 AM. 2 hours earlier mean 09.00 AM? The titan have not even escape yet…


I think if you are looking at incentive to kill the titan quicker, extra loot may be better than a titan coming out quicker. The reason is the system allows the titan to appear equally at all timezones and any changes will affect that

Anyway, if you kill a titan quickly, the titan will grow until that won’t happen, so that is only temporary. Unless you are a top tier alliance but that is perhaps less than 0.1% of the players base

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