Shorten Tavern of Legends in favor of restoring Atlantis Rises farming time (poll in post #2)

They keep adding more events so soon there will be no time for anything else without reducing some other event. This solution gets ahead of that looming problem.

I forget how long the Tavern is but 3-4 days seems like plenty. The only prize is 1-2 pulls so its hardly essential.


Most definitely. TOL can be completed in 24 hours. You can’t reuse heroes anyway.

Meanwhile any added AR hours would be really helpful in farming. Hey SG you want us to be able to level the heroes we do actually manage to pull right? Give us more AR time!


Still dont see the necessity to reduce ToL. No need to do everything in the game and there are definitely over events I’d reduce time of before ToL if that was required (dont think it is though)


Trial quests. 3 levels and it lasts for what 3 days? Could easily be 2 days or even 1.

Costumes 5 levels. So half the number of levels of ToL surely could knock a day off there.

Valhalla. No reductions in WE and no new prizes or additional loot. Easiest one to knock a day off.

It is all about the Pulls and the gambling players does. Atlantis is not a money bringing toip event anymore. Many did tons of pulls and gathered a lot of Atlantis hero’s. Tavern with the lowest possibility to grab any hero is the best money bringer event for them.


Duration lof ToL could be similar to the class trials. That would be long enough or they should make it infinite and you could climb as long as you’ll have heroes to bring.

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Also, not sure if anyone has mentioned this, it would be great if similar to sessional events there’s a loot pot at the end of completion…

You’ll get a Dawa from ToL. :wink:

You think the length of the Tavern, as is, is necessary and appropriate?

I dont think it is inappropriate or more unnecessarily longer than the other types I mentioned.

As previously discussed I dont see a need to reduce it to extend AR, but if a reduction is required, I would be more inclined to agree to reducing the length of something else rather than this.

This is a great idea. It doesn’t take that long to get through TOL. I hated when they shortened AR. I would love for AR to go back to its original duration. I vote yes for this idea. :+1:

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As it cannot be replayed and teams can only be used once, it uniquely stands alone as being unnecessarily long.

Uniquely stands alone as cant be replayed?

Going back to my post:

Can you replay emblem trials?
Can you replay costume quests?

The only unique event is Valhalla where the only special part of the event is a new province opening and a portal summon. There is no additional loot you cant gain playing at any other time and no loot improvement or reduction in world energy to play.

As I’ve repeatedly said I’ve no issue with increasing AR by a day, I just see no need to take a day off ToL to do it. If its completed early it makes no difference and you can just ignore it and farm elsewhere as usual, but if someone hasn’t had a chance to complete it yet they still have the option to.

They made a simple quest the length of an event. AR should get a whole week atleast

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Hmm, I outlined two facets of ToL—one unique, one not. So, naturally, you chose the nonunique one to try and undermine my clear argument with. Nice.

Let me try to make this easier: ToL is unique in that heroes can only be used once, whether you succeed in your attempt or you fail. Typically, the people who can’t beat it are the ones with shallower rosters. The ones who can easily beat it have deeper rosters. Therefore, neither group benefits from an extended duration, because time is not a limiting factor in success here.

So, ToL is unnecessarily long to the benefit of no one.

Again, the issue is that, very soon, there will be no free time in the calendar. So, I am preemptively solving that impending issue with my suggestion.


Kind of in the same way that you are completely ignoring that their are other events which also provide no additional loot or benefit but have less levels to do. Not sure how many different ways I can say it I have absolutely no issue extending AR, dont see a need to reduce anything else in length currently, but if something was needed there are others I’d reduce first.

What… the emblem trial quests are 24h if im not completely mistaken :thinking: or then you mean some other trial :roll_eyes:

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They all drift into one for me at times. Ok scratch the emblem ones but still costumes and valhalla

There are some things to take into consideration @Kilted :

Each class trial has 3 levels but it only lasts 1 day (not 3), total cost/time: 36 WE/ 1 day

Costume chamber has 6 levels (not 5) and lasts 2 days, total cost/time: 40 WE/ 2 days or 20 WE/day. I think it’s a bad idea to reduce the time on this one because this event is the only one that is only on work days.

Tavern of Legends costs 62 WE to complete (one try), you have 62 WE/ 4 days or 15.5 WE/day. Even if you reduce the duration by 1 day you’ll have ~21 WE/day, a bit more than the costume chamber but this event is in a weekend

You get Valhalla coins from completing Valhalla stages for the first time, the extra time is helpful if you plan to do a pull (or more) before the summon portal closes. I farmed a few stages and got Mist with the farmed coins

EDIT: I love the idea @Mr.Spock, you have my vote! :slightly_smiling_face:


So as I corrected earlier I got the trial time mixed up my bad.

However as I have repeatedly stated dont know how many times now. I have no objection to extending AR. I just dont believe ToL needs reduced to do this. If everyone is done with ToL quicker it doesn’t impact them it still being on. They can go back to farming and playing what other levels they already play. It has no effect on their gameplay or draw on their time at all it remaining open. The only people who are affected are those who for whatever reason have not completed it yet.

What was the official reason for shorting atlantis In the first place?

Here Beginning this month, the duration for the Atlantis Rises Event has changed. It will now last 3 days instead of 4. September’s Atlantis Rises Event is scheduled to begin on Thursday, 26th of September , 2019 and lasts until Saturday, 28th of September . This is due to upcoming new features and extended duration of the updated Challenge Events.

Thank you for your understanding and best of luck in the battles!

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