Shorten Tavern of Legends in favor of restoring Atlantis Rises farming time (poll in post #2)

I dunno why a Tuesday isn’t a good idea to put the rare events on. NOTHING happens on Tuesday look at the calendar any language sweet FA.
Only thing is could mess up a couples night for e&p couples that may have somthing planned

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Yeah, they are like the PoV quest today

I still up for this idea :pray:


It seems on propose. Always a rare quest and a POV request clashing with AR. :angry:


I suppose it’s only a matter of time before we see

  • Complete 6 season 1 stages
  • Complete 6 season 2 stages
  • Complete 6 season 3 stages

While there is also a rare quest and a challenge quest going on at the same time.



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I’d like to have extra day AR not to farm more, but to farm less each day :slight_smile:
Say i bring 13 WE flasks from monthly rewards to AR 2 and half days 5.2 flasks per day thats can be annoying 6 hours autofarm. Extra day will cut that to like 4 hours per day.

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Run out of votes? How many do we get and over what period of time? :scream: :speak_no_evil:

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OT answer to above.

Votes are a finite resource. The number of “votes” is goverened by your trust level.

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Lol they probably will shorten ToL time, but not in AR favor. (Probably to fit in Ninja tower or other stuff)

C’mon guys, we all know it was not for schedule problems.

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The way they made it, with NT and ToL alternating and showing up every other month seems pretty good to me…

I made a suggestion post where, instead of shortening ToL I suggest more content on it (it’s here if you wanna go take a look TAVERN OF LEGENDS: Improvements on ToL Gameplay from a Veteran PoV)

That said, I see no problem in having a 4 days ToL alongside 4 days AR


I think we’d be all glad to see a switch between the duration of AR and TOL. TOL is just another event and doesn’t take significantly more time than the masquerade for exemple. Having it for 2 days would be enough. I guess it’s also the reason we are having that Mythic Titan eearlier this month.

On the other hand, 2 days farming AR is really low. Especially they are working days. Having it extended to 4 like the present TOL would be very fair as we need deep farm to keep in with all those consuming events. I don’t think to be the first or the only one to feel it.

Tell me, what do you think? :slightly_smiling_face:

I have posted multiple times on this forum that the game is unbalanced… they dropped so many events on us but shortened AR.

We need more resources to play yet AR is shorter… what the heck.

Either SGG is just greedy, don’t care or never reads these forums.

I am bummed out by SGG


Obviously, they decided that AR is giving us way too much free stuff. That’s why they shortened the duration & made orihalcum seadragons appear less so that we don’t get as many free pulls from the portal and are forced to do it with gems instead.


That’s insane indeed…

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But completely logical from SG’s perspective.

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Yeah I see what you mean… AR not enough lucrative… I would not bother to not see the seadragons just to have 2 more days to farm though :smile:

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That’s what it FEELs like… sigh.

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There’s other ways to make money… like sell more loot ticket packages


true. Tickets and world energy refills to sell and it would work

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But considering how much money they been making as reported online… they can offer some QoL improvements to players. They are already very extremely profitable.


2 days are fine for this event.
Even for the deals day 1: gems+100 coins /5 times day 2: 3000 coins
As for AR we have to wait and see if there is going to be Valhalla Rising :slight_smile:

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