Shorten Tavern of Legends in favor of restoring Atlantis Rises farming time (poll in post #2)

Kind of in the same way that you are completely ignoring that their are other events which also provide no additional loot or benefit but have less levels to do. Not sure how many different ways I can say it I have absolutely no issue extending AR, dont see a need to reduce anything else in length currently, but if something was needed there are others I’d reduce first.

What… the emblem trial quests are 24h if im not completely mistaken :thinking: or then you mean some other trial :roll_eyes:

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They all drift into one for me at times. Ok scratch the emblem ones but still costumes and valhalla

There are some things to take into consideration @Kilted :

Each class trial has 3 levels but it only lasts 1 day (not 3), total cost/time: 36 WE/ 1 day

Costume chamber has 6 levels (not 5) and lasts 2 days, total cost/time: 40 WE/ 2 days or 20 WE/day. I think it’s a bad idea to reduce the time on this one because this event is the only one that is only on work days.

Tavern of Legends costs 62 WE to complete (one try), you have 62 WE/ 4 days or 15.5 WE/day. Even if you reduce the duration by 1 day you’ll have ~21 WE/day, a bit more than the costume chamber but this event is in a weekend

You get Valhalla coins from completing Valhalla stages for the first time, the extra time is helpful if you plan to do a pull (or more) before the summon portal closes. I farmed a few stages and got Mist with the farmed coins

EDIT: I love the idea @Mr.Spock, you have my vote! :slightly_smiling_face:


So as I corrected earlier I got the trial time mixed up my bad.

However as I have repeatedly stated dont know how many times now. I have no objection to extending AR. I just dont believe ToL needs reduced to do this. If everyone is done with ToL quicker it doesn’t impact them it still being on. They can go back to farming and playing what other levels they already play. It has no effect on their gameplay or draw on their time at all it remaining open. The only people who are affected are those who for whatever reason have not completed it yet.

What was the official reason for shorting atlantis In the first place?

Here Beginning this month, the duration for the Atlantis Rises Event has changed. It will now last 3 days instead of 4. September’s Atlantis Rises Event is scheduled to begin on Thursday, 26th of September , 2019 and lasts until Saturday, 28th of September . This is due to upcoming new features and extended duration of the updated Challenge Events.

Thank you for your understanding and best of luck in the battles!

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It’s all about the cash and limiting the progress.

Excellent points well made :clap:t2:

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Actually I have been cordial and not engaged in any form of ad hominem activity whatsoever. I just happen to fundamentally disagree with your premise.

And btw I dont mind being in the 2%. I’ve never had a problem not holding the majority opinion

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:point_up:t2:Please stop saying you don’t understand why.:point_up:t2:


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I still see atlantis getting decent income with new players. I still buy the 99p deal as Is good for gems price


Honestly, Atlantis Rises is one of the few things that keeps me playing E&P (not events, not Valhalla, and certainly not ToL). I survive the whole month thanks to the loot I get those days, so this idea has my vote :thumbsup:


Exactly. So if we shorten an unnecessarily long event, suddenly there’s room :slight_smile:


Also that was posted before they changed it to the start off the month :thinking:
Once season 3 started they swaped them I recall the backlash as they “forgot” to tell everyone haha :joy:

Lol I remember that. Quite a shock!

This is a great idea. I always hated, they shortened Atlantis. You have my vote :+1:t2:


I suspect 4 people didn’t understand the question, because why WOULDN’T you want more Atlantis time???


It’s great to see all the support here! Please remember to hit the “vote” button at the top of the page :vulcan_salute:t2:


Excellent idea Spock. You got my vote. I have TOL done the 1st day every time. If you have the heroes to complete it time isn’t an issue, and if you don’t have a deep enough hero roster time isn’t going to help lol.

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100% they should lengthen. Not 100% that they need to shorten (at this time) TOL to do it. I agree in that I don’t think it needs to be as long, as you have stated, but they are trying to make money and I think Atlantis isn’t the money maker it used to be which probably led to their decision on lengths. Just my $0.02. Voted 100% for this regardless.

Wonder if they’ll remove the 57 ads when they make this change in another year or two as well…HAH!

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