Shorted Atlantis coins - no bug, coins miscounted

I just paid 4 @ $1.99 in order to receive 400 gems and 125 Atlantis coins per $1.99 and only received 100 Atlantis coins instead of the 500 I should have gotten. What’s up with that?!? How can I get my additional 400 Atlantis Coins?

I haven’t seen that offer. Where do you find one? Screenshot?

Hi @Fajz13 , the $1.99 Atlantis Offer is for 400 gems and 25 Atlantis Coins (not 125), so you received the correct number of coins.


This, I can confirm on my end. Though price in real money may differ depending on the conversion and tax rates.

Once you buy the offer it leaves the front page of E&P. This offer shows up every first day of Atlantis. I only got one pull instead of the 5 I was due.

here it is :slight_smile:

Nope. You’ve must have been seeing the actual Atlantis Coins incorrectly. As mentioned by @Exceleron, the offer was for 400 gems with 25 Atlantis Coins, not 125.

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Confirmed, my offer also says $1.99 for 400 gems and 25 Atlantis coins, not 125.

I don’t ever recall SG ever selling summons as low as $1 USD apiece.

CORRECTION: I think ToL does sell them at that rate, but it’s for a mostly limited portal.

Thank you @t79m

Here is the offer in USD:


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mine is only 300% value… :thinking:

Blame it on the VAT. Us Muricans get 10% freedom bonus. :laughing:


yeah, unfortunately I would need to pay $2,70 for the same offer. That is nearly 36% more than you guys. Sigh, hard life of EU citizen… :crazy_face:

Flip side of that…

  • Murican hero bonus: immune to gubmint stealing our mana
  • Murican hero debuff: can’t receive free heals

or free study

Among a long list of other amenities not included in the “Born in America” package…

All are available though, for a separate fee.

If you hate it so much, something something something… wanting something for nothing, something something… :wink::joy:

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Hah! No, I don’t hate living in America. But I also didn’t exactly have a choice in the matter. I’d prefer it if my tax dollars went towards helping people, rather than towards weapons of mass destruction, but that’s all stuff that is beyond my control. :grin:

I’m guessing you knew I was joking, but in case not, I was TOTALLY joking. OK, that’s probably more than enough off-topic for me today…

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I knew you were joking of course, I just wanted to clarify for the record that I do not hate my country. :grin:

Just as I do not hate the game.

But there are many things I would change about both, if I could.

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