Short question - short answer- FAQ Mega Thread

Hi folks,

I’d like to open a thread for questions which could be answered quickly and wehre an own thread isn’t worth it.

So here it is :wink:

And my question:
What materials are needed to train only rare heroes and how long does it take?
I ask, cause I want to know if I should stop slow raining and level up the building or put more in queue.

Would be nice, if questions will be quoted to keep the thread uncluttered.

(sorry for my english, I’m german and finished school in 1998)

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If you mean should I upgrade my TC11 to TC12, then the answer unfortunately isn’t short. You will need TC20 at some stage, but if you have enough 3 or 4 stars to train right now then stick with TC11 for a while as it is an excellent feeder trainer.

But if you need more 3 and 4 stars I would probably skip 12 and go straight to TC13, which can drop some 4* as well. As far as materials they both require a bunch of recruits, and a wedge of food

TC12 164k food 45 recruits
TC13 265k food 70 recruits

TC13 gives all rares and an occasional four star, about 1 in every 20. Up to you which is a better bet

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My last kept 3* is a fully upped Bane and Wu Kong is in the line to make him food.
Thx for the answer, so I will put more in the slow train queue.
20 hrs ist far to slow.

Dont feed Bane to Wu! Until you get more levelled four stars Bane will be handy for titans for colour stacking. He is a good three star. I have heaps of levelled four stars and Bane still gets a run occasionally in wars, especially if our opponent is using purple tanks.

If you already have a bunch of four stars I wouldn’t waste the food researching TC12 or TC13, just go straight past them and beeline TC20. You don’t have to research the levels you’re not going to use, just keep building


And definitely don’t research TC14 to 18, they are too expensive and pretty much worthless


Short answer concerning AM

Click the link to see a brilliant overview for heroe abilities and AM needed…


If you really wanna do this short…

You could make the main post the faq where you edit and add questions and links to the most liked answer.


What will happen to the second building site , if VIP ends? Will it be canceled or finished?

It will finish it’s current project even after your vip ends.
So, in theory, you can have 2 builders working for days after your subscription is over

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What about the alliance ranks?
Leeder ok, but which advantages has it to be elder?

You can kick members and accept invitations. Second one helpful if noone of leader ship is online.

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Thx, you’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Ththanks Infinite so much I assumed you had to research every level of a TC or forge I have TC 11 TC 13 and TC7 which will reach 20,a,lot,more quickly and cheaply now thanks again.

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Will reposte takes advantage from attack buffs, especially field aid?

Anybody? :disappointed_relieved:

Sadly one can’t dispel the buff of field aid…

Hello, new to the forums… here’s my question…

I am in an alliance that is small… most of our guys range from 1700 to 2900 defensive team power. We have one guy that’s 3100 and one guy that’s 3800 team power… and I’m convinced we are being matched against alliances in war with 6-8 3300+ teams REGULARLY because of the one 3800 guy.

Can someone provide a little more insight into the match making system with regard to the comparison of top players in the alliance?

Thank you.

Welcome to the forums!

For alliance wars; they compare the top 30 heroes of each player, with extra weight given to the top 5 heroes. They also take into account how you did in previous wars.

i’ll just leave this here, and continue to question the match making algorithm.

It gives extra weight to their best team, but that doesn’t mean much. The highest team power player could have no other heroes. A big deal in war.

Team power also doesn’t mean much at all. This does not look like a mismatched war at all.

What happens, if elemental reflection is active on both sides and a reflected hit will be fired?

Ursena vs Ursena, total yellow reflection and Li fires. Mass extinction?

All die but Ursenas not?

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