Shopping goes wrong


That’s incredibile… I’ve spent almost 200€ to Call heroes in the last 4 days, 5 Times x10 call and I’ve obtained only three 4* heroes… it’s no good, absolutely… i can’t expect me to have all 5* heroes, but 1… or maybe the Hero of the month.
200€ thrown down to WC… i’ll never spend 1 euro anymore in your game…
However i know that YOU will gain form all’ the buying player, not from me anymore.

I wish YOU could answer me, or give me an explanation


over 300€ and got two 5* heroes on two different accounts, both 5 star heroes were on the same account, and i was complaining, i still do… 300€i would be a semi god in any game, in this one they just get lost because of some dev’s funny idea to rob the players that support his own game because the more money they get the better… and don’t give me the luck and bad luck explanation, this game defies ““odds”” better than any slot machine…

#F18E6 Leviathan
#E18U2 Leviathan on another device
and two other devices with EMpusa account which i can’t access were i am right now, Empusa (Legião XIII alliance)

All on my vodafone billing… see how many diamonds were spent on both accounts and i’ll show you my digital bill from vodafone and play store payments… and tell me it’s bad luck that i only got two 5 star heroes… i am actually close to report this to google play


Reading the bevy of these threads makes me nervous to spend any real money on this game. I have been lucky - I had an itunes GC (that I won) I used to get some gems and pulled a Sartana. I then randomly got an epic hero token from a wanted mission and pulled a Friar Tuck and then Ares. I’m at a wall with heroes and pondering jumping on the next deal, but all these threads about bad luck really, really make me reconsider. Which is too bad, I love this game, and would like to contribute towards it, but it seems like it may be likely that if I drop $20-50 on it I could legitimately not improve my team, which would be gut wrenching.


However my last x10 Call was: nine 3* and one 4*… the previous one was: eight 3* and two 4*.

Sorry but you must considerer not to spend money to obtain heroes…


Definitely don’t throw big dollars at this game hoping to get anything back. That’s an especially bad idea when you’re not told the odds.


I spent $10 US this morning…with my other diamonds, that made 3 rolls. I got:

  • Azar 3* (duplicate)
  • Scarlett 4* (duplicate)
  • Boldtusk 4*

One can argue the relative value of each of these (Azar was immediately eaten), but I’ve been looking for Boldtusk for nearly four months!

Looking at our two stories, I would definitely say I had good luck and you had bad.

As for reporting the game, the game offers GEMS for purchase. If you got the GEMS, what happens after that is not the game’s issue, because they provided what you purchased. Just a legal heads up. :confused: