Shop screen is stuck loading

It’s not just me. I just so happen to go in Google play and look thru reviews and seen a few people complaining about the shop screen being stuck loading and cant purchase gems. I also see the SUPPORT keeps telling them the same thing they told me “Its not a bug/its a Google pay issue/its a credit card information update issue”.

They lied to me and told me nobody else were having this issue with the shop screen being stuck in loading yet I see others with the same problem.

A few customers with issues wont hurt their pockets so they blow us off with the same default emails but I guarantee if thousands stop purchasing gems they would break their necks trying to figure out why.

You simply dont treat paying customers like that. It will eventually go bad for you when you do.

Smh…I just did this to show all you moderators that’s it’s a REAL issue and the company is doing nothing to fix it since it’s so few having this issue.

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