Shop Of items

How about adding in store items for warriors’ ascension?
We need a little help, it would help us a lot!

You can purchase a chance of ascension items. It reads as followed (recieve at least 2 of the following. Its hard to understand why but once you have sank a lot of time and possibly money a lot of players don’t want there to be more purchases of AM. There are plenty of deals to buy specific AM as it stands but if you could buy everything you want or need when you want it, it would kill the game. Grind, Grind, Grind or buy, buy, buy… Or a combination of the two.

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I agree, right now I can not level up my 4* or 5* because I need compasses and fine gloves. It would be nice to see some of these items in the shop for purchase with gems. I would also like to see a trade center where either player to player or alliance members can trade items they need and use items they have as payment.