Shop in the castle

I have an idea for a shop in de castle .Everyone gets one shop in de castle .
The shop will be also posible to upgrade like all other buildings.

For every upgrade what you get , the prices will drop 1% /upgrade( level 1 1 %… level10 10% … level 20 20% ).
inside the shop a list off items what we need and what you can bye for reasonble amound off gems .
Me for example i need 4 warm clothes to upgrading “Boril”, another 4 for " “Isarnia” and also for here still 3 telescopes. also I need 1 damastic zward and 4 tonics for “Horghall”
I am already seeking,hoping ,waithing for these items for about 1/2 year.

I think that people will bye more gems to bye items to upgrade there hero’s

I like the idea however the problem is that it would make the game a bit too easy and therefore less challenging. Getting items are supposed to be by chance. If they employed your idea, then every team would be at 5k power and up. Although I like the idea, you should tweaked the percentage so that it’s reasonable for the game. Maybe shop upgraded at 10 becomes 1 percent lower cost or 1 percent increase in achieving a specific item. You click the item you like and you get 1 percent added chance to get it during raids or conquest(would last 24 hours)

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