Shop icon always says there is a "new" item

Usually the indicator goes away after you look but now there is always a 1 after you look. Marketing idea?

Check the avatars section.

Once you do, it should clear. I think it changes almost daily, now.

Nope, it never clears


Oh well. I’m sure it’s a bug. I know how persistently annoying the little ‘new’ badge can be, particularly when I’m saving epic tokens… but I don’t have the same issue. I noticed the problem also and it cleared when i tapped on the avatars.

Same here. It always shows that red number indicating something new in the shop’s featured section, the number clears once I open that section but as soon as I close the shop it is back. Annoying as f…

Yep, that is exactly it.

I went back after what Peachy said but it is still there

A ton of people have reported this…I wonder if it’s being left as-is to get more people going into the shop?

Devs said that this will be fixed in the next update.


This is already a known issue.

Please make sure to search for existing bug reports on an issue before opening a new thread.

(@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky @Zephyr1 duplicate bug report)


Please use the existing thread if you continue to experience this bug. This duplicate thread will be closed.

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