Shop Currency Localized?


So I have recently been traveling to Asia for a few weeks, and just returned back to the states. While abroad, I logged into the game whenever I can. I then noticed the currency for shop purchases ended up being converted to the local currency as opposed to US Dollars. The Mystic Vision videos seemed to also be displaying ads for games that were in the language for that region. Interesting occurrence.

Upon returning, it looks like the Mystic Visions have started being back to displaying US Games for me. But the currency displayed in the shops remains in the foreign currency. I thought I would just quit/restart the game or restart my phone and turn back on. But looks like that didn’t change either.

I don’t spend actual money on the game. But just curious whether the currency just takes a while to get updated back into USD. Or perhaps somehow my region in my google apps changed, resulting in the currency change in the game shops?


I too am wondering the criteria for setting currency denomination, l live in SE Asia and all payments have always been made via a local currency CC yet l think the currency is set to Aus$. Is it based upon my Google account or SG settings?


Hmm, you know, since I didn’t get an answer here, I kind of just played with the settings a bit. It seems that the currency for the purchase is tied to the Google Play Store or iTunes Store, a few days after I made the original post, I just decided to log out of the Play Store (I play on Android) and logged back in, that reverted me back to USD.

I’ve travelled for about 3 weeks, I wonder if my being on local Wi-Fi networks there prompted my phone to update the game (I’ve a setting on my phone that only update my Apps if I am on Wi-Fi as opposed to on a Cellular connection).

If you have been recently traveling and saw that the game has been set to another country’s currency, after returning to your home country, try logging out of your Play Store / iTunes Store and then back in to see if that helps switch the currency back to what you are familiar with.