Shop After Dark: Are you ready to Rock and Roll!?!

Full again :kiss:

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2 spots available… Think u can handle it?

Come and meet the new leader of the Dark house… :smiling_imp:

Ready for the weekend with the dark?? Fun things happen in the dark :wink:

Got a few spots… Come on home

Promise the Mistress to be the

In war you pervs! :smiling_imp:

Come and join the Shops family :kissing_heart:

Almost 5 years and the Shops still stand… Come see why… :popcorn: :kiss:

Oh … The darkness has filled me once again… How delicious :kiss: :smiling_imp:

We are waiting for u…

@Dudeious.Maximus can we please reopen this. Thank you in advance

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I gotta say not much spot that’s available, grab it fast if you’re a true fukwits!!

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Ty @Dudeious.Maximus for reopening this thread. :kiss:



Join Shop after Dark! 11* titans. Coordinated war strategy. Active line chat


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Just a fly-by bumping… room for 5 :popcorn:

Ooh ee ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang

As I mentioned elsewhere…