Shooting down birds/ducks and dragon should give food or other items

Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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This! Make it a separate idea and I’ll vote for it!



It takes 100 or so taps on the dragon

It’s more like 30 taps to kill. It’s tricky because he/she/it always flies right to left and goes behind the mission bars at the end.


@NPNKY @Howling Have you seen Petition to make a duck pin. ?


Use the move building mode

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Nice tip - thank you @Eries

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Never made a post before, and just clicked in game button to make a suggestions. Will triple check next time.

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I like that idea. Won’t the ducks be in danger of going extinct if we shoot all of them down every time we see them? We can shoot down the dragon too? What if we had to accumulate a bunch of ducks and possibly a number of dragons to qualify for an ascension item draw or a choice of several items offered. Don’t make it easy enough that it becomes a strategy but just enough to make you stop and shoot the birds when you see them.

It’s my first post and idea on improving the game. Go easy on me I really didn’t put a lot of time and effort or thought before I posted. Could explain a lot actually…lol!!

Anything else you can interact with on that screen or other unexpected screens? Curiosity did something to the cat

During the seasonal events, you can tap on the various decorations around your base (Jack o Lanterns, Easter Eggs, Snowmen, Beach balls) to start them bouncing. I like to try to get them all bouncing at once

The food crisis is real! How about throwing us a bone and awarding 1,000 food for each duck we bring down?
(5,000 if you can land one in the dragon’s nest) :slight_smile:

Ouch, that is one bad pun :rofl:

i Definetely Agree With this I Wish This Happen :smile: :100:

Hunting ducks should give food.


And hunting dragons should give gems! :rofl:

It would be cool if you got food for ducks killed … even if it’s just 1 … maybe 5 for the dragon… but everyonce in a while have a special maybe gold duck or dragon or whatnot and let him be 10k food.

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A novel idea - you’ve got my vote :star_struck:. Although it may have been suggested before @moderators


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