Shooting down birds/ducks and dragon should give food or other items

The birds and dragon that fly around the castle.
If we down all the birds it should gift us low items and/or food.
If lucky someone down the dragon should gift us good items and/or 25% food and iron. Maybe a gem too.
It will be a nice feature to do and pass time while waiting on the base screen.

Why? Why should it? You have told us what you want, but not why the game should give you that. :wink:


to pass time and be a nano-game. right


Thou hast not made thy case… :grin:

What if when you shoot down birds they rain down rare ascension items?


What if, when you shot down the ducks, the game awarded you some food. Ducks are food. In the next battle enjoined after that, the player should get a 10% attack bonus. As the warriors would be so grateful to have something to eat besides ham, they fight with a berserker’s fury:rofl:


One could slaughter them in the meatmills :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Food yes. atk boost no.


This is an old post.

However, I think it would be pretty cool to get food for tap-killing them. maybe get some iron and food from the dragon. Why not?

Edit (for @Rook): Why should they? Something ‘fun’ to add in as a pastime. It wouldn’t hurt any to give even mild amounts of food, and would be another ‘value add’ and… maybe…

Every time you tap a villager, you have a 0.001% chance of getting a gem. Like an evil tax collector.


THIS!!! Worth every one of 20 characters!!! :smile:


I like the evil tax collector idea, maybe with a small chance they rebel instead and stop working reducing food production at 1 farm by a level for a day:grinning:


I think the animation should change (when giving a gem) from waving to head-in-hands-and-crying.



When you are in the stronghold screen, you can tap or click on the ducks and dragons that fly across the sky. Hit them just right or enough times and they fall to the ground. It would be nice to receive 1-2 food resources from each duck because ducks are delicious. One gem or 1-2 iron bars from the dragons would be acceptable since mythologically dragons horde treasure. This will give a little more incentive to mess around while waiting for cooldowns to cook. Also, make the villagers scream when you tap them because of REASONS!


Poor villagers. They are your people!!! Why do you want to make them scream??? How about they serve ham on iron platters instead ??? :slight_smile:

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Or they just shout,” Inappropriate Touching!”


A request for future releases…

Asking that when we knock the 11 birds out of the air that we can get 11 food. They come across the stronghold about every 15 min so if a vigilant player was constantly active on the game, they get 44 extra meat every hour. Far less than food production for even a single first level farm.

The object of the game from YOUR side is to keep players playing all the time. I cannot tell you how many times I click the VIP dragon just to hear the roar.

Just asking for a little more interactivity.

If you added 10 meat for the dragon that flys across every 25 to 30 min that would be cool as well.

The end game for you guys as developers is for people to play the game. This might be a good idea.

Please think about it. Just triggering the meat counter for each hit should be an easy edit as it has a falling routine attached anyway.

Thanks for listening…


Should this be on ideas & feature request section?

Oh, and you can kill the dragon if you click it multiple times. I did that to santa too :laughing:

Probably, but I did not want the complainers ruining a good idea.


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