Shoot down goblin merchant

just sort of a fun mini game, you get to shoot down the goblin merchant… just like the ducks except with an awesome explosion

Love that idea. Hey devs?

Just to add to that people with VIP. Mini game you could have your dragon shoot fireballs and blow the goblin ship up.


absolutely!!! that might be the best feature proposal of the year

I would also like to be able to move the goblin balloon.
I enjoy shooting down the birds and roasting them with my dragon. The balloon is right where you need to shoot them.

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After I replied, I did look (why I locked this one and then unlocked it). With few exceptions, I haven’t seen lists work well in the #ideas-feature-requests, especially if not related like they were in this case. I’ve seen “wish list” threads go well in the #general-discussion category. Maybe that would have been a better place, depending on the tone.

Either way, I support being able to shoot down the goblin merchant. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


agreed! gob merch needs a good shooting down!!

I would be fine
if :duck: drop :poop: every time they :airplane: over the :balloon:

Please include the splat sound effects!


Allow us to attack and thieve the loot from the unwanted goblin that is loitering in our peaceful kingdoms.

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