Shohoku is my good luck charm

Ho Ho ho

I should speak to you more often @Shohoku79.

Whenever I say I don’t have something, to you, I immediately get it. :sweat_smile::face_with_hand_over_mouth::yum::laughing:

Thanks :slight_smile:


I got Caedmon from TC20 yesterday after admitting I had given up hope of finding him. I share your enthusiasm :slight_smile:

(and have been force feeding him since!)

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Lol, you sure it isn’t one of those you talk about it enough and it just sort of kind of came true eventually kind of thingamajig?

I am glad merely mentioning about it brought you good fortunes of finding the most interesting man in E&P world. And all those Fine Gloves too, btw.

I just now need to get a copy of skittles to complete my S1 4* collection. It just seems harder when there is only one that you are looking for.


I even feed Caedmon my emblems.

Kadilen is my only 5 star green. Which makes Caedmon my most useful green hero, considering the rest of my team.


If this helps then i want to talk about Isarnia :smiley: My only missing hero i want :slight_smile:

Congrats with getting Caedmon all :smiley:


Yup…@Shohoku79 did I forget to mention I don’t have Kunchen yet? :joy::rofl:

Cheers @Perilin and congrats

I’ll be force feeding him too alongside Azlar and Quintus (I’m scared that my wizards aren’t strong enough for Trials of Mysticism so am forced to level Q up :joy:)


Thank you! I’m just glad someone else was as excited about the silver fox as I am.

But please don’t remind me of mysticism… my wizards are kiril and kashhrek. my sorcs are sabina and skittles. I don’t know what I’m going to do apart from use a lot of consumables :rofl:

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Oi, my non-existent power does not work with heroes that have not yet been released or I’ve never seen before… Besides, please be content (at least a little) that you already have Zimkitha. I am still without any event/seasonal/hotm myself.

I do have Isarnia who did came out of TC20 for me a few months ago and have been steadily leveling her until she is serviceable. So here is hoping that she will arrive at your doorsteps sooner than later. She is really the only 5* hero I wanted in this game so the rest are just extras. I am not greedy.

At any rate, she’s already replaced her master Ulmer on my every day team. Can you say the student has surpassed the master? Yes I know SGG never really worked out the story for these two (maybe a little in the Trials that involve Wizards, perhaps?), but they are both related to the Glaceholm region, so that’s just how I tied it together for them.

Ulmer: Isarnia! Stop! If you don’t let go of your fear, the entire Glaceholm will freeze to your powers!
Isarnia: I… I can’t! I’m frightened… Help, help me, Master… Please…


Can i say then that i really really want Viv to pop out of my tc20 as my first hero trained there?! Even though my Onatel is quickly approaching 3/70 I’d love to give Viv darts first.
If we are siphoning luck off @Shohoku79, i think we should send them luck back! So, I hope your wildest E&P dreams come true!!!


Not if you manage to pull her out of a regular summons (Gem, Token, Atlantis) before you reach TC20 :wink:

Thank you for attempting to reciprocate some of those “luck” back. My latest trio of TC20 training sessions got me Little John, and Azar (with no L after the Z) x 2. So yes, I would love to get a Vivica too because yellow is the only color I don’t have a 5* of yet.



Do you work with needing AM’s or faster level ups, too? Or just the heroes we’ve been wanting?

'Cause I need tonics, and could use some yellow trainers.

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@Shohoku79 let’s talk about Inari…


1 day 9 hours away from collecting first hero out of 20. :slight_smile:


I have my share of tonics and no one to use them on yet (my green 5*s are all so low on the totem pole of progression that I should have more saved up by the time they need them), so why not. Sending some good luck your way. Trainers too, since I have been getting a bit more on the Yellow side for them recently and I really needed them for other colors now. I am really short of Gloves though. @Frenziedeye seem to be getting more of them recently though.

If you are talking about Inari Sushi, yes, I love them too!

Best of luck to you, I have heard some amazing stories off of people’s first ever TC20 pulls, my first ever TC20 gave me I think Carver or Renfeld. Meh.


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