Shock n' Awesome Looking for a Merger

UPDATE: A merger was found, so Shock n’ Awesome is no longer looking.

Thanks for all the help everyone who chimed in here or on Line!

Titan Hunters 10 currently has 5 openings and 24 openings in the new sister alliance Titan Hunters 10.1. Like you we felt the need to do something about stagnation. The sister alliance we started is geared for the more casual player or new player that wants to build up their teams. While we still have issues with inactivity from time to time we are still a pretty active alliance. 6* titans are no problem but we struggle against 7s. Check us out. If you’re interested let me know

Hi BurgerTimer,

I just wanted to reply, Shock N Awesome successfully merged with Drop Bears: (Now Awesome Bears and Shock Drop) and at this time I don’t think the guys are looking for another merge.

I wish you the best as you build your sister alliance!

Nice congrats. Thanks for replying