Ship Happens is looking for you!

Ship Happens has 2 spots open. We hit 7/8 star titans and participate in wars. Alliance is open and all are welcome as long as you grow and stay active.

Update! Ship Happens now has 2 spots open! Are you active and want to kill 7-8 star titans and fill your war chest? If so we are the place for you. All welcome as long as you stay active and grow.

Ship Happens alliance rating over 100k still has 2 spots open. We fight 7 and 8 and the occasional 9 star titans. Come join us!

Ship Happens is looking to fill 3 spots. We will accept new players as long as you are active and grow. Alliance is open.

We had 3 join, but 2 jumped overboard (I guess some people don’t like being promoted :rofl:). So we have 2 spots available, with only hours to war matching (at the time of this post) :stopwatch: Clock’s ticking, come join us!

Long time no sea :sailboat: :grin:

Looking for two more shipmates to join the crew! We have just as much fun joking with each other as we do playing the game, so come join the fun while taking down titans (8* currently), winning wars, and helping newer players grow and become stronger!

Adventure and treasure awaits!

2 spots open! Come on in.

Ship Happens is a pround member of the 6 Ship Armada (a collection of 6 ship-themed alliances). We use LINE (not required) and in-game chat for communication.

Did a little restructuring, we now have 2 spots available for active titan strikers and war participants. We’re taking down 8-9* titans and no cup minimums. All we ask is to hit the titan regularly, opt out of wars if you know you’ll be too busy, and be active (logging in regularly) and strengthening your teams. Inactivity without prior notice for a week will result in being kicked on the assumption you have quit the game.

We’re a fun group that likes to joke with each other, and we have members from around the globe.

@zephyr1 Another possible merge? :slight_smile:

6 Ship Armada Wants You!

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I’ll leave it up to @Adisty

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Response to mere suggestion found here

Still have one spot open, so come join us!

Currently have 4 spots open, still taking down 8-9* titans

Two spots available. We’re on a 5 war win streak, but we could always use a couple more hands. 8-10* titans

*Edit: Full crew again

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