💂 Shimmerscale - 5* Holy / Yellow from Garrison Guards

I don’t know what heroes you have, but for somebody like me, who spent little in that game, this guy is impossible to beat. In my rooster there are mainly heroes from S1, some from S2, 3 and 5. I got Daroga some time ago and that guy was already a huge upgrate to me. But take into account, that older heroes do not do that much compared to that guy and their stats are worse. He is dealing huge damage, he is fast and attacks like C Joon, he summons a mega minion like some goblins, that minion deals 300% to the target per turn, so in 3 turns (I assume, that it may be enough to kill that minion) that minion will double the damage done by that hero and every time minon attacks, it gives bleeding effect, that spreads across whole team with every turn. Bruh, thats loads of damage. And compare that to what Justice does. Not to mention, that this guy is FAST. This is hopeless situation for players like me. I’m dead before my heroes will load, even if my team is over 5k power


Just don’t take dark cards when fighting against Shimmer. The MM will damage around 350 to 500 damage to other colours, against dark the MM can land 1000 to 1500 damage. The poison can be cleansed, or ailment blocked. Counterattack cards kill the MM pretty fast as well. And the MM is not even that big, around 1000ish HP. But if you are relying only on S1, 2, cards, none of the cards from last 2 years can be handled.

His MM was hitting 650 on my R&N… very powerful MM… solid hero overall.

It is because of the weak defense on R&N. If you use a card with high defense, you will see the hit as low as 250 as well. The damage from the MM is based on the target’s stats.
Shimmer is excellent defender and offender. Used in the right setup he has won a lot of fight all by its MM and the poison stack.

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The ultimate dark mono killer. He once soloed my dark mono with the rest of his team being 1:1. So impressed by this and I hope to get him

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Dream team scenario


3 holies to bait dark mono

Nautica with the mana boost and crit chance to compliment the shimmerscales’ MM. Shaal and Max on the sides to reduce super effective dark damage

On the 26th pull.

I only get something every other goblin portal


This card is growing on me day by day. I am tempted to give it the 2LB when the AA get full. He has won a lot of battles just by himself when he is the last one standing.
Shimmer will compete for AA with Acid, Grimsteel and Eron. It will be a tough choice as i use all of them on offense in various capacity.


He is a good card, but overpowered is a word that has a meaning. There are many many ways to beat this card. Im just saying he is not overpowered. Just because you don’t own any of the counters doesn’t make him overpowered.

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Id be afraid of owls with 3 holy cards.

Just pulled em from Covenant. Pretty happy to get my first Guard hero


Congrats. This guy has been featured so many times in two different portals but I can’t seem to get him.


i got lizard lick when he was new and he is def worth it. double limit break and all that

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Anyone got an emblem path for this guy?

atk>def path is the main way to go on him

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I went attack/health. Health is good both for megaminion and 5* troops - and def is still pretty high.

In the end: 1551 / 1468 / 2325.

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Here’s mine:

I have not been able to pull a 5* Goblin until this last portal. I pulled this guy and the new green one the first day and maxed him immediately.

That MM can be brutal! I don’t recall the exact details, but attack up, defense down and hitting a dark were probably in play. Might have still had the initial attack up bonus as well. MM did around 1800 damage! Typically I’m seeing from around 300 to 700ish, which is still pretty big.

I love this guy.


I dont know about that. Single handedly took out 2lb at 25 emblems thura, sha, brimstone, and Luna. His bleed just slowly ate them away and MM doesn’t miss against dodge, oh and Luna, ineffective cause of mana passive. He’s a fn beast. Infuriating to say the least. Dont want nerf, but to say he’s not OP is disingenuous.

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No its not. Overpowered means they are practically unbeatable. I beat him frequently do there are definitely ways to beat him. You are mistaking “good” for “overpowered”. Im not saying he isn’t good, just that he is not overpowered.