Shiloh is coming now, who get darts for my roster?

Here is my current situation:

So, Shiloh is coming, and will be my 6th darts. Actually I plan to ascend Onatel since before Joon-C is coming. She is at 3.70 so long,… and I can see her advantadge on Raid, War, etc…
But, after I get 4* mana troop last month (I think) and now Mana Troop is lvl 10 (almost 11, just wait some of ham, I have so many-many yellow troop feeder), Now I would also interest on Malosi, but with only 1x Mana Troop yellow, I’m not sure because this troop also for Jackal :sweat_smile: I hate this…

OK, now who should be a good choice priority for my rosters? Thanks…

  • Onatel
  • Malosi
  • Neith
  • Sir Roostley
  • 2nd Poseidon
  • 2nd Joon-C

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My heart wants to say Onatel (cause she’s so boss) but the very fast speed of Malosi, coupled with the status ailment block is extremely valuable and versatile in the modern raid arena.


^ Agreed. Every raid or war I find a little more utility for Malosi. Works well agains Marie-Therese.


I have both Malosi and Onatel on max
In my honest opinion I would focus on Malosi first
Whichever hero you choose good luck


Malosi first. His vfast ailment block is so nice. Onatel eluded me, but I finished Malo before all the others.

Im not so happy with the eastern male chick. I’d rather finish Neith.

Onatel after Malo, then Neith and Roost before more Joons and Poseidons just for the variety.


My vote is with Malosi. He doesnt hit hard as a sniper but the juicy part of his special is that at very fast in offense you can shout down lot of dangerous heroes before they fire. For example Jean Francois will do nothing if Malosi hits him


There are so many heroes that will do absolutely nothing when blocked by Malo. Very helpful vs Black Knight, Jean, Telly, Sif and all def down.


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